I know I’m late

Hello sweeties,

Yes I’m stupid, I’m doing a Christmas post a week after. Seems legit. But this is a *request*.

These last days, I’m listening on repeat to Christmas Unicorn by Sufjan Stevens. So all day long, I’m singing out loud that I’m a Christmas Unicorn. At home. By sms. On Twitter. Everywhere. Anywhere. And a friend said “PICTURE OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”. And here is the pic. Better, HERE IS THE GIF I MADE OMG.

xmas_unicornLet’s say that this is my New Year gift. 

Drink a lot tonight, but not too much. Try to stay safe and dignified. And have a happy new year, my loves. See you next year. 

(hahahahohoho that was a great one)(okay, sorry, goodbye)

Magical frost

Hello sweeties,

Yesterday, I went to the cinema. Yes I did. And I watched Rise of the Guardians, eating candies and drinking Arizona tea. Sweet sweet life.

Boyfriend told me that it was a nice animated film and I confirm. I liked the story. It’s about the Bogey-man who, after centuries forgotten in the dark, comes to take his revenge against the children’s hope Guardians who are Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sandman. But even together, they’re not strong enough this time to defeat the Bogey-man as this one became stronger and more dangerous than ever. He found a way to use Sandman’s magic sand to turn children’s dreams into nightmares and spread the fear inside of them. The loss of  the children’ sense of wonder compromises the existence of the Guardians who become weaker and weaker. But they hadn’t taken Jack Frost -the personification of frost and cold weather- into account, who has been chosen by the Man in the Moon to help the Guardians.

The characters are so appealing. I especially loved Santa, he’s so funny and frank. And he has tattoos, which is super cool. I also loved the mini fairies, they’re so cute. I wish I had one as a plush.



The storytelling is great, I didn’t get bored at any point. And I laughed so hard! Some scenes are hilarious, like the one with the little blond boy about the end of the film. When I think about it, I’m still laughing. More largely, I find that there’s a good balance between action scenes and slower scenes. Plus, it’s perfectly animated, it’s very fluid, a real eye pleasure. Dreamworks eh.

But what I love most is the wonderful visual work. It’s truly beautiful. I really mean it, it is beautiful. The graphic world is absolutely fantastic. The materialization of some ideas is fabulous (the Sandman’s sand, the nightmares, the frost, the Easter eggs). It’s so magical. That’s why this film is so great. It tells about saving the wonder inside people’s heart and even if in real life you don’t believe in the Guardians, it makes you feel like a child again because of the visual beauty. It’s a dream within a dream. I believe I still have sparkles in my eyes.

Oh and dinosaurs. Enough said.

Conclusion in memes :Rise of the Guardians, it’s a lot of this :

amazed faceAnd it’s like this :

thumb up

And at the end, there was a child in the cinema who was like this :

yes yes you areGo watch Rise of the Guardians, it’s a sheer jewel.

World’s worst plague

Hello sweeties,

God, I really have to stop procrastinating. I’m preparing a comics post for a few days and it’s not progressing much. I’m eating candies and drinking hot chocolate all day long, but it doesn’t help to motivate. Blah. I draw a line and then I fall in the abysses of the Internet. And 3 hours later, when I ask to myself what I’ve done all this time, I’m just like :


I can’t do nails posts for a while, because my nails are super weak these days, so I have to stop applying nail polish. I bought so many new nail polishes what’s more. Yes, I take it very hard and my heart is broken right now.

I can't do it

Actually, I spend my days eating a lot and complaining because my stomach hurts because I ate too much. Christmas.

I don't understand

Anyway, I think I’ll make cosmetics reviews for the following days, so that I keep a kind of blogging rate. I hope this is going to help me to defeat procrastination.

Cute as hell, talented as hell

Hello sweeties,

I’d like to talk about some wonderful artist today. She’s called Abi Wade and she’s insanely talented.

I discovered her music when I was at Patrick Wolf’s acoustic show in Paris in November. For those who don’t know it yet, Patrick Wolf is my favorite artist ever. I said E-VER. I love his music, I will love it forever and even, I will love it five-ever, maybe even six-ever if I could. Anyway.

Abi Wade was opening this night. Before going to the show, I didn’t have the time to listen to what she was doing. So it was complete surprise. And when she started to play and to sing, good Lord, she literally blew away. She hypnotized me. That was crazy. She is fantastic.  I was almost open mouth. 

This cute girl. Alone on stage. Playing cello, box and tambourine at the same time. Oh and she also plays the piano. She perfectly controls her hands, feet and voice (people like that always amaze me at the highest point). And good heavens, what a voice. So powerful and touching.

Go check out her music (my favourite song is Perfect Form), it’s definitely worth it.