New home

Hello sweeties,

I’m back, finally. On a new blog, yes. I could keep the old one and only change the name and theme. But… I don’t know. It just felt wrong. There are so much contents on it related to what I used to be. It doesn’t suit me anymore. I didn’t want to go back there. I didn’t want to blog there anymore. Plus, blogging in French wasn’t satisfying. I wanted to change it, but I had the feeling that my readers would be lost in some way (or maybe am I just thinking too much). I don’t forbid myself to blog in French here too, but I think that it will be mostly in English. Things seem to sound less cheesy in English than in French sometimes.
Anyway, I felt limited in general.
My brother said that it could be interesting to keep on blogging on the old address, so that we could see how I evolved. But I don’t feel that way. That blog is my past. I want something clean, something pure, something new. Like I was moving without taking my stuff with me. I want to go back to the start and build new things, based on nothing.

So here we are.

[Got it? Got it? Hehe. Come on. That was an awesome joke.]


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