Under the sea

Hello sweeties,

If you’ve read the About section, you now know that I’m always late for watching films. I don’t often go to the cinema, to my dismay. And when I do, it’s pretty rare that I go and see a film the day or even the week it’s out. I’ll go like a month later.

Anyway, I saw Submarine 2 weeks ago. 


You probably all saw it already. Because the original soundtrack is by Alex Turner. And everyone loves Alex Turner. Because everyone loves Arctic Monkeys. Or The Last Shadow Puppets. How could you not love Alex Turner? He’s a genius. His lyrics are smart, his melodies are irresistible. Sorry, we were talking about Submarine?

So. Submarine. Is the story of Oliver Tate, a teenager who has family issues (her mother has a crush on a guru, deal with it), who is in love with Jordana Bevan and who wants to have sex with her.

I loved the landscapes. I mean, Great Britain everlasting Fall atmosphere. It’s wonderful.
 I also loved the outfits. Because I’m a girl and I do care about the outfits when I watch a film. The wool coats. Jordana’s haircut. The kids pale faces. The moccasins. Laugh at me if you want to, but you can’t deny that it doesn’t influence, even a tiny bit, your feeling about a film.

Basically, there are beautiful pictures in Submarine. But I couldn’t really tell if I did like the film or not. I found the story telling kind of weird and a little slow sometimes. And I didn’t really see the point of the film. I’m one of those who feel the need to see where a film goes, to which point it’s going. I need a moral or something. Otherwise, I feel incomplete. Probably because I watched too many Disney’s when I was younger. And at the end, I was like “okay, so… That’s it? Oh. Okay”.

Then I thought about it and made the link with Alex Turner.
A friend of mine once shared her point of view about Arctic Monkeys’ songs. She told me “I love it because it’s little stories, slices of life. They don’t talk about themselves, it’s like observing people and imagining their lives”. Submarine is this. It’s slices of life. The story isn’t going anywhere. There’s no lesson, no judgement at the end. At least, that’s how I see it. Things happen, in a random way, without any big meaning. And you watch it. That’s what makes the duet Submarine/Alex Turner so perfect.

Now, I can say I liked Submarine.


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