Lady Oscar is a cat

Hello sweeties,

When I was a little girl, my mum and I were always watching The Rose of Versailles on TV. It was our favourite japanese cartoon and we were never missing any episode. And till now I’m a Lady Oscar fanatic (my mum too by the way). So, when a friend of mine went to Japan this summer and brought me back the Lady Oscar *official* eyeliner, I went crazy. Look at this beauty.

lady oscar eyeliner 1 © Winalady oscar eyeliner 2 © WinaYou have to know that I’m fond of eyeliner. It’s my favorite eye product. I’m using cream eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner… Any kind of eyeliner. But I always had issues with liquid eyeliners in a pen. They always dry after 2 uses and they can’t be used anymore. But this one, my dears, this one is perfect. The best eyeliner I’ve tried so far.

lady oscar eyeliner 3 © WinaThe brush tip is very soft, it’s pleasant to use, it doesn’t hurt when you apply it.
It doesn’t dry in the pen. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s still working.
And this colour. Good Lord, this colour. A perfect intense black. No need to go over it several times, the colour is perfect at the first line.
It’s also long lasting. As my eyelids have the tendancy to oil (ha that’s so sexy, isn’t it?), even with a primer, I need strong liners. And this one perfectly does the job.

Do I have to mention that I’m completely in love with it? I’m so sad that it’s not sold in France. lady oscar eyeliner 4 © Wina

I’m using E.L.F. Radiance Enhancer (fr/us) in the Sunrise shade as an eyeshadow, applied on the mobile eyelid, Naris Up Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara on the top lashes and E.L.F. Exact Lash Mascara (fr/us) on the bottom lashes.

Thank you so much Mumina for this wonderful gift!


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