Free music platform issue

Me : Can’t listen to music on Spotify anymore


Boyfriend : Oh. You used all of your credit?

oh reallyMe : Yes, I reached the 5-hour threshold

I'm going to die

Boyfriend : You know you can use my account if you want to.


Me :

amazed face

Boyfriend : But please, use the private session.


Me : Why won’t you let me make people believe that you’re listening to Blue?


Boyfriend : 

haha no

Come on guys. Blue was the greatest boysband on Earth (I know they’re reunited and stuff, but it’s not the same)(don’t you dare telling me it is, because it’s not). Witness :

Rock stars. Literally.

So bright that it blinds you

Hello sweeties,

Let’s talk about one of my last bought E.L.F. nail polishes, Coral Dream. I know, it’s not an *appropriate* colour for winter, but I just couldn’t wait till summer to try it.

coral dream 1 © Wina

The colour is very bright, almost fluorescent actually. It’s a little peachy, there’s a lot more of yellow in the shade than it looks like on the website. The brush’s hairs are quite thick, which is not very practical. The application might be tricky. But the texture of the nail polish and the intensity of the colour are great to me. I applied 2 coats, but if the brush’s hairs were thinner, I guess one coat would be enough.

coral dream 2 © WinaI couldn’t resist adding glitters. I applied old glittery nail polishes in gradient (well, at least I tried to).

coral dream 3 © WinaSO girly, right? It’s just like a unicorn pooped on my nails.

If interested, you can buy Coral Dream here : fr/us.

“Good. Bad. RRR.”

Hello sweeties,

There’s a film I really wanted to watch this year and it’s Wreck-It Ralph. Because it’s the first Disney film focused on video games. It’s out in France since last Wednesday and I already saw it. Call it a miracle.

So, what is this about? Wreck-It Ralph is the story of the bad guy of an arcade video game. No one in the game likes him and this is unfair, because he didn’t ask to be the guy, it’s just the way it is. So he decides to change his fate, leaves his game and goes to the other games of the arcade room, from the scary Hero’s Duty (killing-mutant-bugs-to-save-humanity game) to the sweet Sugar Rush (kart game at Candyland, where he’ll meet Vanellope who will become his friend). And this will cause catastrophic consequences.

Let me tell you why this film is super great : John C. Reilly’s and Jane Lynch’s voices. I just think they’re perfect, it perfectly suits the characters.

I laughed a lot during the film. The story is nice, it’s funny, excessively cute sometimes and touching. In one word : Disney. Nothing really special about the course of the story. But what’s awesome is that it does honor the world of video games. The characters themselves, their moves, the references, all that is terrific. I think my favorite part is when Ralph gets to Hero’s Duty. So cool. And the villians’ group speech part too. I first hated the character of Vanellope, but I found her super cute eventually. Her story is heartbreaking.

The soundtrack is also nice. There’s a song by Owl City for those who care. Oh but Skrillex is animated in the film. Deal with it. And there’s J-Pop as original soundtrack. DEAL WITH IT. First time I’m listening to J-Pop. And this is so addictive. Can’t. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. Head. And I want pastel hair now. Aaaaah.

Tip : full song here. You didn’t see anything, you don’t know me, it was here before.

Anyway, go watch Wreck-It Ralph, you’ll have a great time.

Doll eyes?

Hello sweeties,

I didn’t tell you the entire truth. In my Yesstyle order, there was something I didn’t mention in my post. A mascara. Yes, I betrayed you.  I’m sorry, so sorry. But, anyway, let’s forget it and talk about this mascara.

WUPSM 1 © WinaWUPSM 2 © Wina This baby is called Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara and it’s from Naris Up, a japanese brand. That’s a long name. When I saw it on the website, I was like “OHMYGOD I HAVE TO BUY THIS, I’LL GET DOLL EYES EVENTUALLY” (yes, I know, I’m way too naive)(and I shout on my laptop). Look at those manga eyes on the packaging. I was really excited when I received it. But when I opened the tube, I freaked out.

WUPSM 3 © Wina

Mascara clumps maker, dang

Anyway, I always clean mascara brushes before applying, so it’s fine. And now you’re all waiting for the results eh? Tada!

WUPSM © Wina

Natural lame short and straight eyelashes // Eyelash curler + one coat

2 coats // 3 coats (no big difference)

2 coats // 3 coats

[Click on the pics to enlarge]

Well, there is no big difference between the coats on the pics, but it does have one in real life.
Nothing crazy, but it’s a good basic. Not enough volume in my opinion. But it kind of holds the curve, gives the eyelashes a nice length and doesn’t make as much mascara clumps as expected. Best point is the beautiful deep black colour. And it’s under 10€, yey!

Polka doting at midnight

Hello sweeties,

I said that I’ll talk about my nails today, so here it is. But first, let me tell you my past days nails story. 

3 weeks ago, I had galaxy nails. The week after I wanted to remove the nail polish. But I realized that I didn’t have nail polish remover anymore, after doing half work. So for 2 weeks, I was like this :

hands of shame © Wina

This is ridiculous

Harsh. My boyfriend laughed at me. I sent that pic to my nail mentor and she was ashamed of me (because, yes, I have a nail mentor, hi Maëlle!). Now I have nail polish remover again and my life is blessed.

I wanted to do something cute and simple and that was matching with my brand new backpack and wallet. I opted for polka dot nails, the simplest nail art thing in the world. And when I say it’s easy, it IS easy. I’m probably the clumsier person you could ever meet. I can’t do anything with my fingers without nearly injuring someone, myself included. So, trust me when I say it’s easy. Anyway, here’s the results :

nails+wallet © Winapolka dots nails 1 © Winapolka dots nails 2 © Wina

Looks nice eh? I like it, it’s fun and it was fun to do as well. Here’s a tutorial :

1- Apply a base. Always do. It protects your nails in a general way and it prevents the colour from going right on them (ever had orange or blue nails after removing the nail polish?). Mine is the all in one base from Essie.

base © Wina2- Let it dry and apply the nail polish you want. I chose you pikachu! Mint Cream from E.L.F.

mint cream © Wina

But try to apply it better than I do

3- Let it dry. Then take a thin brush (or a toothpick or a hair slide), distemper the extremity with another colour and press it on the nail so that it makes a dot.

Tip : start from the center of the nail and draw a vertical line of dots before doing the sides, it’s easier and the result looks more homogeneous.

doting 1 © Winadoting 2 © Wina4- Let it dry and apply the topcoat (I tried a matte topcoat first, don’t do the same mistake, it’s awful). Mine is the good to go from Essie.

shiny © WinaNow you’re done!