On the face

Hello sweeties,

Sorry for the 2 weeks of silence. Back to school and being sick, half-exhausted and half-frozen by the snow (snow in Paris, guys. BUT good thing is that I’m going on an adventure this weekend, having a walk in the forest, yey!

Anyway, it looks like this Lush saga is never-ending eh. Let’s start with the cleansers. As I have a combination AND sensitive skin (hello, my skin is lame), my cheeks always get dried after cleaning. I asked for advice to the saleswoman and she recommended me Angels on Bare Skin.

Angels-on-Bare-SkinFrightened? I was too. The product is a thick grainy paste. You can actually see and feel the lavender grains and the ground almond. It’s disturbing. I can hear you say “but how do you use it? The texture is so weird…”. It’s not as complicated as it might seem actually. You take a nut of the paste, put it in the palm of your hand, add some water and mix. Then you simply apply on your face, like you would do with gel cleanser. It scrubs the skin, but it does it gently. My skin usually can’t bear scrubbing, it’s so sensitive that it gets allergies when I do so. So I was quite scared about the first use. And fortunately, I didn’t turn into a monster of rashes!
  The bad point is that once rinsed, it leaves an oily film on the skin. I didn’t end the pot up because of that. The product is good but I don’t like the rendering.
Links : en/fr

After that, I had a Coalface sample. And I fell immediatly in love.

CoalfaceI love this product. It’s way much easier to use for me. The smell is particular, it’s amber, very pleasant. It cleans perfectly, no oily film after rinsing, my skin feels very fresh. And my sensitive skin tolerates it. It leaves the cheeks a little dry, but it’s ok.
Links : en/fr

After the cleaning, I always apply a toner. I first tried Tea Tree Water.


That’s a great toner for oily or combination skins, it matifies the T zone. But it might dry a bit the cheeks. Of course, it smells very refreshing, which is great in the morning. They say you have to spray it on your face and then I guess you have to spread out the product with a cotton pad. But I find that the pressure is a little powerful and it really wasn’t pleasant for me. So I just sprayed it on the cotton pad 6-7 times, so that it’s imbibed, before applying on the face.
Links : en/fr

Once I ended Tea Tree Water, I tried Breath of Fresh Air.

breath-of-fresh-airI like this one. I prefer it to Tee Trea Water. It’s softer, more hydrating and it’s ok on the T zone.
Links : en/fr

Last part of my daily face routine : moisturizing. I was using Imperialis at night and Enzymion on day.

imperialisLet’s be clear, they say it’s for combination skins but I absolutely disagree with that. I have a combination skin and this is way too nourishing for me. Guys, it makes the T zone shine like a fresh french fry, how can you dare telling me it’s for combination skin. For me, it’s forbidden the day. But good thing is that it’s a perfect cocooning night moisturizer. It’s so nice after a tough day of stress and pollution and cold and subway. Plus, you can clearly smell the lavender in it, that’s really relaxing.
Links : en/fr

And now, my love forever : Enzymion.

enzymionThis is probably the best face moisturizer I’ve ever tried. First, the smell is fantastic, it’s refreshing, lemony and smooth. Second, the matifying effect is really impressive, without congealing the face. At my first application, it matified naturally the T zone, the hydration was perfect on the rest of my face, my skin was unified and radiant. I went out with nothing else than this on my face. No face powder, no concealer, no highlighter, absolutely nothing. And I had lots of compliments. Can you believe that? It was magical. I was even asked if I was wearing foundation, what I never do. Ma-gi-cal. But there’s a black spot. The product has the tendency to turn. After 3 weeks of use, it started to smell unusual. So I recommend to conserve it in the fridge, even if it’s not indicated.
Links : en/fr

And of course, I tried one of their fresh face masks, Love Lettuce.


Used it twice only because of the I-don’t-have-time-for-masks thing. The interest of Lush’s fresh face masks is that you keep them in the fridge. The cold on the face is really nice. And I guess this *temperature shock* helps to matify the skin and to refine the pores. Love Lettuce is supposed to be adapted to combination skins. I didn’t notice anything special. It was just nice to use. It hydrates well the skin though and let it soft and a bit velvety.
Links : en/fr

Alright, I think next time will be the last episode of this saga! I’ll be talking about shower products, body products and other stuff. A catchall post.

Because it always sounds better with violin

Hello sweeties,

Youtube is a wonderful place, isn’t it? My last Youtube discover is JuNCurryAhn’s videos. I discovered him through an article of the french webzine MadmoiZelle. They were talking about Peter Hollens’ full acapella cover of Misty Mountains from The Hobbit and the cover he made with Jun Sung Ahn aka JuNCurryAhn (go check the videos out by the way, it’s crazy).

So, basically, Jun Sung Ahn makes amazing violin covers of popular songs. Adele, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, One Direction… Wait no, don’t quit the page! He does a fantastic work. Songs that usually sound uninteresting to me magically become great. Like Payphone by Maroon 5. I used to like Maroon 5, but it’s not really the case anymore. God forgive me for this affront, but Payphone sounds nicer without Adam Levine’s voice.

Other example of Jun Sung Ahn’s awesomeness : his cover of RED by Taylor Swift. I don’t like her music. Neither her face. Plus, she dated Jake Gyllenhaal. You. Know. It. Happened.

shut up shut upNow, dry your tears. And make peace with her. I know it’s hard to admit, but you’re about to like Taylor Swift.

But you know what’s cool with Jun Sung Ahn’s covers? He makes originally nice songs sound better. Like Rolling in the Deep by Adele. 

Basically, go check his channel out, he also made a cover of Gangnam Style by PSY. And he’s dancing in the video. Yup.

A ghost who can be seen

Hello sweeties,

I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower this week. It first didn’t inspire me a lot. I mean, the film’s poster is probably one of the less attractive ones that I ever saw in my life. This awful green colour, yurk. I thought it was some Disney’s comedy. I was like “There’s no way for me to pay to see this, let’s wait until it goes on TV” (N.B.: I almost never watch trailers, because I’m dumb). But then some friends I didn’t see all together for a while suggested to go see it, so I eventually surrendered, because I’m super weak.

And it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. It was a pretty good one actually. There’s nothing original in the film story, but it is nice though. We get into the life of a reserved freshman. It’s his first high school year, he’s friendless and he’s being bullied. He believes it’s going to be the worst period of his life. But he’ll end up to see that he wasn’t totally right.

First thing that makes the film great : the cast. Ezra Miller whom we’re all in love with, Emma Watson whom we’re also all in love with, Paul Rudd whom we’re ALSO all in love with. We live in a beautiful world and we love everyone. Don’t forget Mae Whitman and Johnny Simmons who played Roxy and Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and we’re good.
I think Logan Lerman is nice as Charlie. He has that cute and friendly face, you know. Emma Watson was ok. But the dresser should have chosen better dresses for her because it really wasn’t flattering (hello swimmer’s shoulders). She could have been so much prettier. I really felt that her beauty wasn’t used, that’s a shame. Ezra Miller is hilarious in the film. For once, he’s not playing an insane kid. It’s nice to see him smiling and laughing without being unhealthy. WE WANT MORE OF THAT PLEASE.  He is without any doubt the star of the film.

Second thing that makes the film great : the soundtrack. The Smiths, David Bowie, New Order… How cool is that? I’m a huge fan of The Smiths (original eh), so I was quite happy to hear them there. Asleep is such a beautiful song.

Now, we’re getting emotional. I cried during the film. Yes, OKAY, I cry on almost every film. But here, it’s different. Charlie’s story speaks to me. I’m not crying because “he’s so romantic omg and his story is so sad omg”. It’s a bit more than that. My story isn’t as tragic as Charlie’s, the reason of my constant sorrow is fortunately not the same. But I know how it feels to be alone. Really alone. To be left in the corner. To feel like you belong to nowhere. And to feel like it’s never going to be better. I know these anxiety attacks. I know this loneliness disease. I know all that so well.

When I was younger, I was very shy too. I am still now a little, but I opened up a lot. I made so much progress. And when I was watching the film, I was seeing myself. I was Charlie. I was this guy who thinks he’s a ghost. Before realizing that he’s a ghost who can be seen. And I think it’s the case for a lot of us, more than we might think. 

We all think that no one can understand, no one feel what we feel. Because being depressed is a selfish state of mind. Yes it is, don’t look at me like that, I know you think the same. It is selfish. But you know what? Don’t hide from this, don’t be ashamed. Because it’s good to stop caring about others and to think about yourself instead. You are important. Do you read me? You matter.
I won’t go any further about this subject today. I’ll probably write something about it someday, if I feel the need and if you also feel the need. Know that you’re not alone, ok? You are not alone.

Sooo. So yes, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is another drama made in USA with a soundtrack for hipsters and disgusting sugary feelings and blah blah blah. But at least, this one means something for me.