It’s all about lips

Hello sweeties,

What about talking about Lush? My first real *meet* with the english brand was 5 months ago. I was surfing on the nice french beauty blog Tête de Thon, Métauxlourds (this pseudo is surreal) was talking about her love for the American Cream conditioner and more largely, she was saying how great is Lush because it’s a brand that is green friendly and of quality. I was like :

thinking sherlock

“Hmm, interesting, let’s go investigate”

And let me tell you that I’m not the kind of investigator who do the job halfway. Nope ma’am. I bought something like 15 different products in total. I don’t even tell you about the gifts my friends gave to me or the samples. Hair products, face products, body products, lip products, shower products, bath products… I’m a serial consumer. At a point, I just couldn’t stop myself from going to Lush and get out of there with at least a product (hey, let’s play a game : how many times do I say “product(s)” in this post? Go!). That was insane.

I regret nothing DalekAnyway, today I’m only talking about lip products because I’m a lip products addict, as my lips get dried at the speed of light. And because I already talked too much today eh. I own 2 lip balms : None of your Beeswax and It Started with a Kiss (Lush products always have wicked names).

None of your Beeswax

This, my friends, is fabulous. The texture is very smooth and nourishing. My lips are sensitive sometimes, because of the scrub attack and the usual dry, and applying this makes them really more comfortable. If I could sleep on my lips, I would do it (wait what?). It has a shiny glow of fat. Well, that doesn’t sound very glamorous, but hey, it’s a balm, it’s fat. I put a tons of balm on my lips before sleeping, so that it’s super soft and bouncy in the morning, without any balm residues. And this is glamorous.

winkBut be at ease, it’s very wearable on daytime if you’re not heavy handed. Also, the smell is very pleasant, it’s honeyed and lemony, I like it a lot.
I would definitely buy it again.
Links links links : en/fr

It Started with a Kiss

I’m mostly a lazy girl. I like to have practical products that treat and make up at the same time. That’s why I love tinted lip balms. The colour of It Started with a Kiss is nice, it emphasizes the lips, it’s very pretty.

It Started With a Kiss © Wina

Applied lightly

The hydration is great, not as good as None of your Beeswax, but it does the job still. The smell is absolutely fantastic. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon but I must say that this smell of cinnamon and apple is to die for. It’s very sugary and gourmand, but not cloying at all. I swear to God the first days I used it I thought “it smells so good… Maybe I could eat it, it’s almost fully natural after all…”. Hah. Didn’t do it eventually.
Links links links : en/fr

That’s it for today!

4 thoughts on “It’s all about lips

  1. Lush ❤ I love the Snow Fairy line (lipbalm,soap and shower gel) but my favourite is the Glog shower gel…AND THEY DON'T DO IT ANYMORE. *dramatic gesture*
    Also, Dream Cream is the only thing my body allows on its skin, and it's brilliant.
    I could talk about Lush for hours.


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