Oh! I know! Guys! I’m letting the blog die! I’m heartless! A monster! And a drama queen.

that's gonna be death

I guess most of you don’t mind about how often I post and stuff, but I do think that what I’ve done is *wrong*.

My perception of blogging is kind of special. Do I blog for myself ? Or for my readers ? Or for both of us ? This isn’t the question. To me, the last option is always the true one. My relationship with my blog is not based on the “for who”, but rather on “for what”. My blog is a motivator, an anti-procrastination challenge. Of course, I’m not posting only to free my mind from the guilt of not posting. But I opened this blog because I wanted to be regular and share my everyday interests. I used to let so many things unshared on my previous blog, just because of laziness. And the sentiment of frustration is unbearable.

pieWhen I was a little kid, I was really shy and quiet. That wasn’t so bad. But the uncool point is that no one was really listening to me. It was often (always?) the “oh yeah yeah, let’s do that”, followed by a smile, while your interlocutor actually didn’t hear/understand a word of what you said. Frustration.
Even if now it’s much better on this point, blogging is like a life buoy, an assurance that someone, somewhere, will always eventually read my lines.

Anyway, this is getting a little too sentimental. Sentiments. Meh. Girl feelings. Yurk.

All I wanted to say is that I’m fine. I had tough weeks, I was pretty sick these last times. A month ago, I had angina. The week after, I had fever. The week even after, I had flu. And this week I had fever, waves of nausea, the most violent headache of my life, palpitations and other cool stuff. Now I have a respiratory tract inflammation and I’m coughing my lungs out all day long. Awesome.

bodyBut I’m really trying to come back and I’m thinking about some cool (I hope) posts.

Stay tuned sweeties and take care. Seriously guys. Take really care. You don’t want to end up like me.


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