Pshiew Pshiew : The Return

Hello sweeties,

Yes, Pshiew Pshiew is back. I had some nostalgia last night and I read a part of my previous blog. I must admit that I actually liked quite a lot these posts. It was fun to share the result of my Internet vagabondage. So I thought “ha it would be cool if I could bring Pshiew Pshiew back to life… Hey, I actually can!”. So there we are!

Let’s start with Keaton Henson. Big fan for a year now, as some of you might know.
The other night, I bumped into a post on about him and the author of the article, Robin Hilton, said that he was one of the most beautiful voice he’s ever heard. And yes! Yes yes yes, a thousand yes! It is, really. He is talent, beauty and sensitivity. I had lots of music crushes, but he marked my soul, like Patrick Wolf did. He’s my favorite artist after Patrick Wolf by the way. See how serious this business is.

Yup. And I need this because of reasons.


Source : Etsy

Hey, do you know what else is awesome? This :


GaikuoCaptain2GaikuoCaptain3 Source : Crunchyroll

For a week now I’m watching to Mameshiba episodes on an almost daily basis. First, because it teaches me a few things. Second, because it’s cuteness overload, which, third, makes it hilarious. And I really want to learn japanese now.

How cute is that, seriously? Another cute thing is the cat circus. This makes Moscow my new favorite city.

Special thanks for the video to boyfriend who is cat spamming these last days. I mean, more than usual.

And now, meet the underwear case. To carry your bra discretely, so that anybody know there’s a bra inside.


Source : Yesstyle

I don’t know why it just makes me laugh super hard. I can’t help telling myself it could be speakers. It’s not that funny though. I guess it’s nervous.


Source : eireplayr



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