High Violet

Hello sweeties,

I’m not very comfortable with colours for the eye make-up. I always use brown, bronze, golden or beige shades for my eyes. “Neutrals”. I think it’s because it’s reassuring. I know it will suit my brown eyes in any case. It also suits my personnality, I guess. I’m someone who is pretty calm and discrete and this is what those colours inspire me. But sometimes, I like to surprise myself and try some things. Like when I discovered that green shades could work quite well on me (well, OK, that wasn’t that much risky, but still)(let me feel brave in my own way). So, the other day I tried a purpley eye look.

High Violet 1 © WinaProducts used :
Eye Color Fix – Agnès b.
Total Lash Cover – Milani
Cameleon palette :
Cameleon x High Violet © WinaBrushes (all from E.L.F) :
Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeblending Brush
Defining Eye Brush
Studio Small Angled BrushHigh Violet set © Wina

I’d say it’s nice for spring, fresh and delicate. I’d see myself wearing this make-up with a virginal dress, a wreath made of flowers on my head, running barefoot in a field of poppies and puppies. Or I’d just put a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans and buy enough to fill the fridge up. Like the other day. I wore my NYX Indian Pink Round Lipstick (ex favourite nude lipstick) though, to preserve my dignity.

High Violet 2 © Wina High Violet 3 © Wina High Violet 4 © WinaBonus : High Violet is the title of the 5th album of the awesome band The National. Here’s my favourite track :


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