The “I’m drunk” nails

Hello sweeties,

The other day, I wanted to do a simple nail art to try my new NYX nail polish baby, Sexy Plum. When I applied it, I first thought “ooh noo, I hate it”. I was under artificial light and it really looked like a disappointing fade chocolate (but under natural light, it actually is georgous). So I decided to add a vertical line of golden dots.

And here is the drama.

I was so cold, my hands were shaking and I wasn’t able to draw a single straight line. And I was like “this is ridiculous, it looks like I did my nails when being drunk”.

But deal with it, YOLO. No one noticed anyway.

Imdrunk nails 1 Wina Imdrunk nails 2 Wina Imdrunk nails 3 WinaNow I have to leave my nails naked because… I’m having a trip! YAAAAAY! I’m leaving on sunday and browsing through Scotland for about 2 weeks. It’s so exciting! If you want to, you can follow my adventures on Instagram. I will post a sum up of my trip here, I promise.

See you guys and be kind in my absence.

“It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life”

hny john┬áLove, friendship, family, food, health, travels, dreams coming true… I wish you all the best for 2014. Really. 2013 (and 2012 as well) wasn’t so nice to me and I really feel like something great will happen in 2014. It’s full of hope, optimism and excitement that I start this adventure. And I hope that it’s your case too. Let’s be awesome all together!

wtfgifI don’t know why.

So I made my traditional resolutions list. I stopped being silly and writing down “do sports lol”, because this is definitely not working on me. I do sports when I want to and having it marked on a list isn’t motivating. I actually do sports at the moment. Yeah, I dance. Ok, I play Just Dance 2014. But it’s nice! I play it every other day and burn about 200 or 300 calories per play. See, it’s like doing sports. It relieves stress and gives me energy. My favourite are Nitro Bot and Pound The Alarm.

This isn’t me performing in the videos, I just found it on Youtube to illustrate the post with

I love this game so much. This game represents the great memories of the week I spent working for a games convention last autumn. It was such a great experience.

Anyway, this game is awesome (thanks Laurent and Charlotte!) and here’s my resolutions list :

  • Be updated in the Doctor Who’s episodes
    Last year’s resolution. But it’s not my fault if I couldn’t hold it. Boyfriend don’t want to watch with me *sigh*.
  • Read a book every 2 weeks
    I’m reading Lord of the Flies at the moment. Next are Sherlock Holmes adventures.
  • Blog regularly
    I guess we’re ok since early December. Yeah.
  • Get the driving license
    I mean, it’s time.
  • Run the semi-marathon of Paris
    Problem is that I stopped training for about 2 months. I don’t know if I’m keeping this one. Hm.

Well, there’s only one thing to be said now :