Some friends of mine started to call me Wina a few years ago. We were in high school. Now I’m 22 and still using this surname for blogging and other stuff.

I live in Paris, France. I was born here. I grew up here. And I hope I won’t stay here forever. I’d like to move to Canada someday maybe. Because it’s the country of poutine, one of my favorite meal. French fries, brown sauce and cheese. How could you not like it? Food is not my only living reason, but it still is pretty important to me. So that I opened a tumblr about what I eat. It’s called Food Greater Than Life. Yes, I know, I said it wasn’t my only living reason and now I’ve lost all credibility. Anyway.

You must want to know why this blog is named Whatever Wina, right? (if not, just pretend.) Well, I saw the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World last year (yes, I know, I’m late. Always.)(super awesome movie by the way, one of my favourites of all times) and I loved Aubrey Plaza in the character of Julie Powers. She’s so cynical and grating, she freaks everyone’s out and tells everybody to screw themselves. She is genius. 
Besides this, I started to say “whatever” at each end of my sentences, with an american accent. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even know where it comes from. I just started to piss everyone off with this. So weird (and quite funny). And at a moment, I wondered how it would be if I said “whatever” in a Julie way. I’m a stupid weirdo.
Now it’s kind of signature. When my friends think about me, they associate the ideas Wina/Scott Pilgrim/whatever/poutine (and more recently, “burrito”).

Because, yes, after all that, I still have friends. That’s what I call miracle. Or habit.
Who knows.


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