Head in the clouds

Hey sweeties,

How’s life going? Me? Haa, I’m a bit sick. On my way to healing though.

So, yesterday, I gathered all my last strengths and I went to the french premiere of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. And it’s

absolutely fantastic

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is based on the short story written by James Thurber in 1939. Walter Mitty is the chief of the negative assets department of Life magazine. He is what we could call a lambda employee. He is discrete and mild. And he daydreams a lot. He imagines himself as the hero of situations where he isn’t, to seduce the woman he likes – Cheryl Melhoff, played by Kristen Wiig- or to shut the mouth of his dickhead boss – Ten (dickhead dickhead dickhead) Hendricks,played by Adam Scott.

And I found that, paradoxically, he’s a very reasonable and pragmatic man who always keeps his counts updated in a notebook. Well, maybe it isn’t so paradoxical, it may be quite complementary to his daydreaming… But this isn’t the point.

So, someday, the magazine is redeemed and the last number is to be released. For that last cover, Sean O’Connell – the star photojournalist of the magazine apparently, played by Sean Penn – sent a special photograph that represents the Quintessence of Life.

But this photograph could not be found. It wasn’t sent with the rest of the camera film.

With the help of Cheryl Melhoff, Walter tries to find the photograph. But under the pressure of Ten (dickhead) Hendricks who threatens to fire him, he needs to resort to drastic measures and decides to go in search of Sean O’Connell.

I mean UUUUUGH OF MONSTERS AND MEN AS SOUNDTRACK, how could you not go to watch that film AND love it? So, yes, first awesome thing about the film : the soundtrack. Of Monsters and Men, David Bowie, Arcade Fire.

Second awesome thing : the freaking landscapes. It’s mind-blowing.
[BEWARE, I don’t know if it might be a spoiler, but, just in case, spoiler alert] From Groenland to Himalaya, passing through Iceland, it’s wonderful. [spoiler alert end]
It’s so beautiful that it hurts. It hurts so much. I almost cried of frustration. I was like “nononononononono stop, stop it, my feels, I want to be there so badly, my heart is bleeding”.

feelingsGuys, I’m just so under the heat of emotion that I don’t really know how to carry on writing this post. I don’t know what to say. I could say that the actors are perfect, the atmosphere is perfect, the directing is perfect, it’s on the top of the entertaining scale, etc. Yeah yeah, I could say all that. 

I could also say that it’s hilarious, touching, sweet, fabulous, tough and tender *wink wink*(you’ll understand when you’ll watch the film, because you will). There’s everything you need for a good film. Humour, action, romance, adventure, suspense (well, except if you’re like me and you expected the end), real life, fantasy and references.

Of course, there are some imperfections, some points that could have been better. But it’s a gorgeous film and you guys really need to watch it. It’s such a relief for the mind, I don’t know. You’re just happy to watch what you’re watching. 

Look, it’s like being a 6 year-old and going to Disneyland for the first time. Eyes are shining, hands are shaking, you’re so exciting about what you see that you don’t know how to react. You can’t even tell how you feel. Happy? Yes, but it’s more than that. Excited? It’s more than that. Lucky? More than that. It’s an explosion of all the best feelings you can ever feel. There’s no better feeling than this on the eve of your birthday.

Blood, desire and insanity

Hello sweeties,

Last weekend, I saw Stoker. A few weeks ago, I saw the film posters in the subway and I thought “I really need to see that, there’s Mia Wasikowska”. Like most of us I think, I discovered her in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and immediately fell in love with her. She’s of the actresses who look smart besides being absolutely gorgeous. She looks delicate, cute and kind, but you feel like you can’t mess with her or something like that. I find her fascinating in some way. She’s definitely one of my favourite actresses.

So, yes, I needed to go watch that film. But when I took a look at the trailer, I freaked out. “Oh God, there’s so much blood, I can’t watch that”. You have to know that I can’t bear seeing blood on-screen. I could deeply cut my arm or anything else and bleed badly, I wouldn’t mind. Well, I’d pee in my pants because I’d be afraid of losing my arm, but I’d be ok with seeing blood. But if I see blood on-screen, I totally feel bad. Even a drop. It really really makes me feel uncomfortable. So I was quite worried about watching Stoker, but I plucked up courage and bought a pack of candies to reassure me.

What is it all about by the way? It’s a family story, the one of India and her mother who lost their father and husband – Mr Stoker – in a car accident. Mr Stoker’s brother – uncle Charlie – appears in their life after the funerals. Officially, he comes to keep them company in that ordeal, but it seems that disturbing feelings are going to emerge… Murders and hidden desires are to the program.  *anxious soundtrack dum dum duuum*

I really don’t regret watching the film. First because it’s absolutely brilliant. Second because the candies were very good.

Esthetically, I think it’s beautiful. It’s well filmed, there are very interesting motions. The scenes  follow fluently and it suits the atmosphere of the story. The cinematography is very nice, it definitely is pleasant to the eye. But not only, it also is full of meaning and interpretation. Each shot is thought to serve the story, to be part of it and not only to be pretty or impressive.

Concerning the story, it’s very well written in my opinion. Some things are maybe a little too obvious, but the whole story telling is great. I was scared sometimes, but I thought that it would be worse. It’s well balanced, between anxiety and expectation. I’d say it’s reasonable on that point. I mean, the story isn’t what we could call reasonable : it’s violent, perverse, psychotic. The perfect show for the peeping Toms that we are. But you won’t leave the theater with the heart about to explode of fear (which is a good point for me).
At the same time, the film is perfectly intense, in particular on the feelings of the characters. They seem very… Pure. It’s hard to explain, but it’s very spontaneous, the characters seem to live in their own world and nothing reach their feelings, even those are not socially acceptable.

Stoker is definitely to be seen. Beautifully disturbing.


Hello sweeties,

I’m back, eventually!

Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched Searching for Sugar Man, the documentary about Rodriguez’s incredible story. I didn’t know the artist yet but the summary my friend did about the film really intrigued me.
A guy, Sixto Rodriguez, records two albums in the early 70’s USA and it’s a flop. It doesn’t sell. And by some fortune, it’s an unbelievable success in South Africa. They don’t know anything about the guy, except that it’s said that he killed himself. Fascinating, isn’t it?

I believe that most of the people who saw the documentary are Rodriguez’s fans. I wasn’t. But for those who are in the same case than me, you guys should definitely go watch it, it’s absolutely worth it. There’s a freaking twist in the middle of the film. I was like :

I also learned a lot about South Africa. My knowledge on this country is close to the void. Of course, like everyone on Earth, I’ve heard of the apartheid period. But what do I really know? Nothing actually. It was very interesting to know more about it. I was really surprised about the impact that Rodriguez had on South Africa’s history. And I guess he was too when he knew it!

The whole story is so incredible that it’s hard to believe. You almost wish that it’s not true as it’s too wonderful. I really felt in love with the story. It represents Humanity’s magic, what people could do for the love of music and how beautiful people might be (apart from the cruelty of music industry, meh).

And of course, the soundtrack is fantastic. I’m listening to Cold Fact and Coming From Reality on repeat since yesterday. I have to say I rather like Cold Fact though. Sugar Man is probably my fav song. Not a very original choice, but I really find this track powerful. When he sings the first line, I feel like an instant sorrow is invading me, but it’s not a *bad* sorrow, if you see what I mean. It’s just something intense that makes you want to cry, but the tears don’t come up.

It’s still on display in Paris, France. I don’t know if it’s the case wherever you guys are, but it is, go to the goddamn cinema.

A ghost who can be seen

Hello sweeties,

I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower this week. It first didn’t inspire me a lot. I mean, the film’s poster is probably one of the less attractive ones that I ever saw in my life. This awful green colour, yurk. I thought it was some Disney’s comedy. I was like “There’s no way for me to pay to see this, let’s wait until it goes on TV” (N.B.: I almost never watch trailers, because I’m dumb). But then some friends I didn’t see all together for a while suggested to go see it, so I eventually surrendered, because I’m super weak.

And it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. It was a pretty good one actually. There’s nothing original in the film story, but it is nice though. We get into the life of a reserved freshman. It’s his first high school year, he’s friendless and he’s being bullied. He believes it’s going to be the worst period of his life. But he’ll end up to see that he wasn’t totally right.

First thing that makes the film great : the cast. Ezra Miller whom we’re all in love with, Emma Watson whom we’re also all in love with, Paul Rudd whom we’re ALSO all in love with. We live in a beautiful world and we love everyone. Don’t forget Mae Whitman and Johnny Simmons who played Roxy and Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and we’re good.
I think Logan Lerman is nice as Charlie. He has that cute and friendly face, you know. Emma Watson was ok. But the dresser should have chosen better dresses for her because it really wasn’t flattering (hello swimmer’s shoulders). She could have been so much prettier. I really felt that her beauty wasn’t used, that’s a shame. Ezra Miller is hilarious in the film. For once, he’s not playing an insane kid. It’s nice to see him smiling and laughing without being unhealthy. WE WANT MORE OF THAT PLEASE.  He is without any doubt the star of the film.

Second thing that makes the film great : the soundtrack. The Smiths, David Bowie, New Order… How cool is that? I’m a huge fan of The Smiths (original eh), so I was quite happy to hear them there. Asleep is such a beautiful song.

Now, we’re getting emotional. I cried during the film. Yes, OKAY, I cry on almost every film. But here, it’s different. Charlie’s story speaks to me. I’m not crying because “he’s so romantic omg and his story is so sad omg”. It’s a bit more than that. My story isn’t as tragic as Charlie’s, the reason of my constant sorrow is fortunately not the same. But I know how it feels to be alone. Really alone. To be left in the corner. To feel like you belong to nowhere. And to feel like it’s never going to be better. I know these anxiety attacks. I know this loneliness disease. I know all that so well.

When I was younger, I was very shy too. I am still now a little, but I opened up a lot. I made so much progress. And when I was watching the film, I was seeing myself. I was Charlie. I was this guy who thinks he’s a ghost. Before realizing that he’s a ghost who can be seen. And I think it’s the case for a lot of us, more than we might think. 

We all think that no one can understand, no one feel what we feel. Because being depressed is a selfish state of mind. Yes it is, don’t look at me like that, I know you think the same. It is selfish. But you know what? Don’t hide from this, don’t be ashamed. Because it’s good to stop caring about others and to think about yourself instead. You are important. Do you read me? You matter.
I won’t go any further about this subject today. I’ll probably write something about it someday, if I feel the need and if you also feel the need. Know that you’re not alone, ok? You are not alone.

Sooo. So yes, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is another drama made in USA with a soundtrack for hipsters and disgusting sugary feelings and blah blah blah. But at least, this one means something for me.

Far over the misty mountains cold

Hello sweeties,

This is another post about a film I saw last week. And there’s another one to come. “Oh my god you’re going so often at the cinema these days, what’s happening?” I can hear you say with astonishment. I’m almost considering the idea of subscribing to an unlimited cinema pass. Just because I saw 4 films in 2 weeks while I don’t go to the cinema the rest of the year. Reasonable choice, obviously.

Anyway, today, let’s talk about

the hobbit an unexpected journey


Watched it eventually! For those who still don’t know what it’s about, it’s simply The Lords of The Ring‘s prequel, how Bilbo meets Gandalf (and Gollum and the Ring) and how he defeats the dragon Smaug to help the Dwarves to take their homeland back. Epic adventure, bitches.

I watched the film in 48fps 3D. Sounds like it’s a barbarian foreign language? It was for me too. I’m showing off because that’s what boyfriend told me and I’m just repeating, I don’t understand anything in audiovisual techniques. He explained that it was a crazy process in which the movements are more divided than in the classic 24fps shootings. Basically, it means that there are more pics per second (48 frames per second instead of 24)(got it now?).
 All I can say is that it’s pretty weird. I couldn’t say if this technology progress makes the film *better* or not. The rendering is impressive at least. It really is different from classic 3D. I actually felt like I was into video games cinematics. But esthetically, I guess 24fps wins. As there’s less blooming, you see the movements breakdown. It looks less smooth, so less pretty visually. To me, it actually gives a kitschy style in some way. It’s quite hard to explain, I think you really need to see it. That was a great experience though, I didn’t cry of pain at the end of the film. My eyes are quite sensitive, I can’t enjoy 3D films to the end, because it just freaking hurts my eyes and head (people think I’m crying because I’m moved. I’m just suffering in silence). +1 for you 48fps then. And the incredible sound system of the cinema theater we’ve been (Pathé Wepler, place de Clichy for Parisians) made the thing so realistic sometimes that it was disturbing.

"Hello Kili"

“Hello Kili, yes Kili, be at my service Kili”

Concerning the film itself, it’s cooooool. With 6 Os. The landscapes are of course beautiful and the characters are appealing. Martin Freeman is OF COURSE absolutely perfect as Bilbo. It makes the character even cuter.


There’s not that much to say about the film. Epic fights (Trolls! Orcs! Stone Giants! Gobelins!), funny lines (the meeting between Bilbo and Gollum is awesome), emotional scenes. Everything is there. Even sexiness.

kili_that was a really hot guyI have to confess I cried a bit during the hedgehog scene. Thank God we were all carrying 3D glasses eh. I was just like



 But it’s not my fault. I mean, don’t give names to animals if you don’t want people to become attached to them, that’s so cruel! Boyfriend guessed I was sniveling ha. Shame.

There are some things I didn’t like in the film though. Some scenes are a bit too long maybe. And I find that the Gollum’s faces show was ridiculous. At the beginning, it was great, I was like “Woah, face sensors, you make it so realistic”. But then it became stupid. “Okay guys, I think we got it now, can you tell the actor to stop doing all the facial expressions in the world?”. This is by the way an example of scenes that lasted a bit too long.
Also, I was quite disappointed that we don’t see that much Smaug.

Apart from this, The Hobbit is great. Now, can we just all sit down and listen quietly to this?

Good Lord, this soundtrack.

Russian Literature

Hello sweeties,

Are there Maxïmo Park’s fans over here? I am and Russian Literature is one of my favourite songs of them. This track is so perfect.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about the band actually, but about Anna Karenina that I saw last weekend. It’s from the eponym Leon Tolstoy’s novel. I’ve heard very bad critics and very good critics about the film and I really wanted to have my own opinion.

Anna is an aristocrat, married to Count Karenin, a russian statesman. She has a pleasant life due to her statute. But then, she meets the seducing Count Vronsky, an officer. She will have an affair with him and this will cause her happiness as well as her ruin.

As you have understood, Anna Karenina is about love. Love and reason, and the apparent contradiction between the 2 notions. Can you explain love? Is love necessarily irrational? And after all, what is love? I think the film is all about this. Sounds cheesy when you read my lines, but it’s not that much in the film.
 But beside the love part, there’s a more political/social side : the place of women in society and the social pressure issue. My friend and I were pretty surprised to see that women actually had a say and had a non negligent underlying influence at this time and in Russia, at least in the aristocratic class. I know it’s a fictional story, but I believe the social part is based on reality (am I wrong? If someone can tell me, they’re welcome!). The history of Russia is unknown to me, so it was interesting to see.

Esthetically, it’s wonderful. The costumes, the decor, the landscapes… The photography is fantastic sometimes. Well, ok, it’s Russia and aristocracy, so it is beautiful to watch, but still. The dance scene is sublime, helped by the soundtrack.

The film making is particular. It’s between film and theater. It’s quite destabilizing at first, I felt kind of lost at the beginning. But I think that it perfectly suits the story and the *russian atmosphere*. Plus, it makes the film very entertaining and you hardly get bored with this system of storytelling. There’s only one moment that I found a bit long, when Anna is smoking in her dressing gown. But the rest of the film has a good rhythm. To me, it’s well orchestrated.

Keira Knightley is not bad as Anna. I really think she is made for this kind of role. Period dresses fit her so well. I wasn’t totally convinced by her interpretation but I guess it’s ok. She’s good at playing craziness though. On the other hand, Jude Law is incredible. Really. I didn’t really have an opinion about his acting before, but he’s very good in Anna Karenina.

In short, Anna Karenina is a beautiful film. I didn’t read Tolstoy’s novel yet, but I can’t wait to do so.

Magical frost

Hello sweeties,

Yesterday, I went to the cinema. Yes I did. And I watched Rise of the Guardians, eating candies and drinking Arizona tea. Sweet sweet life.

Boyfriend told me that it was a nice animated film and I confirm. I liked the story. It’s about the Bogey-man who, after centuries forgotten in the dark, comes to take his revenge against the children’s hope Guardians who are Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sandman. But even together, they’re not strong enough this time to defeat the Bogey-man as this one became stronger and more dangerous than ever. He found a way to use Sandman’s magic sand to turn children’s dreams into nightmares and spread the fear inside of them. The loss of  the children’ sense of wonder compromises the existence of the Guardians who become weaker and weaker. But they hadn’t taken Jack Frost -the personification of frost and cold weather- into account, who has been chosen by the Man in the Moon to help the Guardians.

The characters are so appealing. I especially loved Santa, he’s so funny and frank. And he has tattoos, which is super cool. I also loved the mini fairies, they’re so cute. I wish I had one as a plush.



The storytelling is great, I didn’t get bored at any point. And I laughed so hard! Some scenes are hilarious, like the one with the little blond boy about the end of the film. When I think about it, I’m still laughing. More largely, I find that there’s a good balance between action scenes and slower scenes. Plus, it’s perfectly animated, it’s very fluid, a real eye pleasure. Dreamworks eh.

But what I love most is the wonderful visual work. It’s truly beautiful. I really mean it, it is beautiful. The graphic world is absolutely fantastic. The materialization of some ideas is fabulous (the Sandman’s sand, the nightmares, the frost, the Easter eggs). It’s so magical. That’s why this film is so great. It tells about saving the wonder inside people’s heart and even if in real life you don’t believe in the Guardians, it makes you feel like a child again because of the visual beauty. It’s a dream within a dream. I believe I still have sparkles in my eyes.

Oh and dinosaurs. Enough said.

Conclusion in memes :Rise of the Guardians, it’s a lot of this :

amazed faceAnd it’s like this :

thumb up

And at the end, there was a child in the cinema who was like this :

yes yes you areGo watch Rise of the Guardians, it’s a sheer jewel.