Passion : Fabric.

Hello sweeties,

There’s something I like to do from time to time. I like to go on Dawanda and look at the fabrics. Yes. Yes. It’s useless, yes. And I don’t even order some. But it kind of cheers me up. I like the big flowers fabrics in particular. I’m really fond of those with a black background. The contrast is beautiful, the colours so intense. It just makes me feel good.

flowerfabric1flowerfabric2flowerfabric10flowerfabric3 flowerfabric4 flowerfabric5flowerfabric6 flowerfabric7flowerfabric9 flowerfabric8

I know I’m late

Hello sweeties,

Yes I’m stupid, I’m doing a Christmas post a week after. Seems legit. But this is a *request*.

These last days, I’m listening on repeat to Christmas Unicorn by Sufjan Stevens. So all day long, I’m singing out loud that I’m a Christmas Unicorn. At home. By sms. On Twitter. Everywhere. Anywhere. And a friend said “PICTURE OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”. And here is the pic. Better, HERE IS THE GIF I MADE OMG.

xmas_unicornLet’s say that this is my New Year gift. 

Drink a lot tonight, but not too much. Try to stay safe and dignified. And have a happy new year, my loves. See you next year. 

(hahahahohoho that was a great one)(okay, sorry, goodbye)

I do think this deserves a post

clems‘ comment on Free music platform issue :
“All these gifs with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch to illustrate posts about your boyfriend and you… I have to ask: does it mean that Sherlock and John are your model as a couple? or are you basically obsessed with them? No offense: I am basically obsessed with them”

he'so beautifulhe thinks i'm beautiful

Well, that’s pretty much us, yeah.