Pshiew Pshiew #2

Hello sweeties,

It’s Pokemon Adventure Time.

Source : hotroz

Source : hotroz

Speaking of Pokemon, do you remember this exact moment?


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Brilliant. And super cute. Just like this :

This is pretty much why I like Vimeo. There are always nice shorts on it. That’s so great. I could spend hours looking for and at that. And skateboard videos.

why won't you marry me

I’ve been waiting for using this gif for a very long time ha

I don’t really know why I’ve been having this skateboard obsession for a year or so. I think it comes from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I’m just fascinated by skateboard videos. I go crazy when I watch one. Like this :

This gif freaks me outSource : badblueprints

Source : Bad Blueprints

And now, let’s wash your confused brain with some relaxing pics of Iceland.

Haaa. Be my patron, buy me a plane ticket. Thank you, bye.

Magical frost

Hello sweeties,

Yesterday, I went to the cinema. Yes I did. And I watched Rise of the Guardians, eating candies and drinking Arizona tea. Sweet sweet life.

Boyfriend told me that it was a nice animated film and I confirm. I liked the story. It’s about the Bogey-man who, after centuries forgotten in the dark, comes to take his revenge against the children’s hope Guardians who are Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sandman. But even together, they’re not strong enough this time to defeat the Bogey-man as this one became stronger and more dangerous than ever. He found a way to use Sandman’s magic sand to turn children’s dreams into nightmares and spread the fear inside of them. The loss of  the children’ sense of wonder compromises the existence of the Guardians who become weaker and weaker. But they hadn’t taken Jack Frost -the personification of frost and cold weather- into account, who has been chosen by the Man in the Moon to help the Guardians.

The characters are so appealing. I especially loved Santa, he’s so funny and frank. And he has tattoos, which is super cool. I also loved the mini fairies, they’re so cute. I wish I had one as a plush.



The storytelling is great, I didn’t get bored at any point. And I laughed so hard! Some scenes are hilarious, like the one with the little blond boy about the end of the film. When I think about it, I’m still laughing. More largely, I find that there’s a good balance between action scenes and slower scenes. Plus, it’s perfectly animated, it’s very fluid, a real eye pleasure. Dreamworks eh.

But what I love most is the wonderful visual work. It’s truly beautiful. I really mean it, it is beautiful. The graphic world is absolutely fantastic. The materialization of some ideas is fabulous (the Sandman’s sand, the nightmares, the frost, the Easter eggs). It’s so magical. That’s why this film is so great. It tells about saving the wonder inside people’s heart and even if in real life you don’t believe in the Guardians, it makes you feel like a child again because of the visual beauty. It’s a dream within a dream. I believe I still have sparkles in my eyes.

Oh and dinosaurs. Enough said.

Conclusion in memes :Rise of the Guardians, it’s a lot of this :

amazed faceAnd it’s like this :

thumb up

And at the end, there was a child in the cinema who was like this :

yes yes you areGo watch Rise of the Guardians, it’s a sheer jewel.

“Good. Bad. RRR.”

Hello sweeties,

There’s a film I really wanted to watch this year and it’s Wreck-It Ralph. Because it’s the first Disney film focused on video games. It’s out in France since last Wednesday and I already saw it. Call it a miracle.

So, what is this about? Wreck-It Ralph is the story of the bad guy of an arcade video game. No one in the game likes him and this is unfair, because he didn’t ask to be the guy, it’s just the way it is. So he decides to change his fate, leaves his game and goes to the other games of the arcade room, from the scary Hero’s Duty (killing-mutant-bugs-to-save-humanity game) to the sweet Sugar Rush (kart game at Candyland, where he’ll meet Vanellope who will become his friend). And this will cause catastrophic consequences.

Let me tell you why this film is super great : John C. Reilly’s and Jane Lynch’s voices. I just think they’re perfect, it perfectly suits the characters.

I laughed a lot during the film. The story is nice, it’s funny, excessively cute sometimes and touching. In one word : Disney. Nothing really special about the course of the story. But what’s awesome is that it does honor the world of video games. The characters themselves, their moves, the references, all that is terrific. I think my favorite part is when Ralph gets to Hero’s Duty. So cool. And the villians’ group speech part too. I first hated the character of Vanellope, but I found her super cute eventually. Her story is heartbreaking.

The soundtrack is also nice. There’s a song by Owl City for those who care. Oh but Skrillex is animated in the film. Deal with it. And there’s J-Pop as original soundtrack. DEAL WITH IT. First time I’m listening to J-Pop. And this is so addictive. Can’t. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. Head. And I want pastel hair now. Aaaaah.

Tip : full song here. You didn’t see anything, you don’t know me, it was here before.

Anyway, go watch Wreck-It Ralph, you’ll have a great time.