On the face

Hello sweeties,

Sorry for the 2 weeks of silence. Back to school and being sick, half-exhausted and half-frozen by the snow (snow in Paris, guys. BUT good thing is that I’m going on an adventure this weekend, having a walk in the forest, yey!

Anyway, it looks like this Lush saga is never-ending eh. Let’s start with the cleansers. As I have a combination AND sensitive skin (hello, my skin is lame), my cheeks always get dried after cleaning. I asked for advice to the saleswoman and she recommended me Angels on Bare Skin.

Angels-on-Bare-SkinFrightened? I was too. The product is a thick grainy paste. You can actually see and feel the lavender grains and the ground almond. It’s disturbing. I can hear you say “but how do you use it? The texture is so weird…”. It’s not as complicated as it might seem actually. You take a nut of the paste, put it in the palm of your hand, add some water and mix. Then you simply apply on your face, like you would do with gel cleanser. It scrubs the skin, but it does it gently. My skin usually can’t bear scrubbing, it’s so sensitive that it gets allergies when I do so. So I was quite scared about the first use. And fortunately, I didn’t turn into a monster of rashes!
  The bad point is that once rinsed, it leaves an oily film on the skin. I didn’t end the pot up because of that. The product is good but I don’t like the rendering.
Links : en/fr

After that, I had a Coalface sample. And I fell immediatly in love.

CoalfaceI love this product. It’s way much easier to use for me. The smell is particular, it’s amber, very pleasant. It cleans perfectly, no oily film after rinsing, my skin feels very fresh. And my sensitive skin tolerates it. It leaves the cheeks a little dry, but it’s ok.
Links : en/fr

After the cleaning, I always apply a toner. I first tried Tea Tree Water.


That’s a great toner for oily or combination skins, it matifies the T zone. But it might dry a bit the cheeks. Of course, it smells very refreshing, which is great in the morning. They say you have to spray it on your face and then I guess you have to spread out the product with a cotton pad. But I find that the pressure is a little powerful and it really wasn’t pleasant for me. So I just sprayed it on the cotton pad 6-7 times, so that it’s imbibed, before applying on the face.
Links : en/fr

Once I ended Tea Tree Water, I tried Breath of Fresh Air.

breath-of-fresh-airI like this one. I prefer it to Tee Trea Water. It’s softer, more hydrating and it’s ok on the T zone.
Links : en/fr

Last part of my daily face routine : moisturizing. I was using Imperialis at night and Enzymion on day.

imperialisLet’s be clear, they say it’s for combination skins but I absolutely disagree with that. I have a combination skin and this is way too nourishing for me. Guys, it makes the T zone shine like a fresh french fry, how can you dare telling me it’s for combination skin. For me, it’s forbidden the day. But good thing is that it’s a perfect cocooning night moisturizer. It’s so nice after a tough day of stress and pollution and cold and subway. Plus, you can clearly smell the lavender in it, that’s really relaxing.
Links : en/fr

And now, my love forever : Enzymion.

enzymionThis is probably the best face moisturizer I’ve ever tried. First, the smell is fantastic, it’s refreshing, lemony and smooth. Second, the matifying effect is really impressive, without congealing the face. At my first application, it matified naturally the T zone, the hydration was perfect on the rest of my face, my skin was unified and radiant. I went out with nothing else than this on my face. No face powder, no concealer, no highlighter, absolutely nothing. And I had lots of compliments. Can you believe that? It was magical. I was even asked if I was wearing foundation, what I never do. Ma-gi-cal. But there’s a black spot. The product has the tendency to turn. After 3 weeks of use, it started to smell unusual. So I recommend to conserve it in the fridge, even if it’s not indicated.
Links : en/fr

And of course, I tried one of their fresh face masks, Love Lettuce.


Used it twice only because of the I-don’t-have-time-for-masks thing. The interest of Lush’s fresh face masks is that you keep them in the fridge. The cold on the face is really nice. And I guess this *temperature shock* helps to matify the skin and to refine the pores. Love Lettuce is supposed to be adapted to combination skins. I didn’t notice anything special. It was just nice to use. It hydrates well the skin though and let it soft and a bit velvety.
Links : en/fr

Alright, I think next time will be the last episode of this saga! I’ll be talking about shower products, body products and other stuff. A catchall post.

Hair from Gobi

Hello sweeties,

Continuation of the Lush saga! My Lush mania first concerned hair products. As I bleach and dye my hair, my hair die (haha well done Wina). My hair are naturally black and now they’re close to platinum blond. I know.

OH MY GODWell, they actually are not in catastrophic health, as I do a lot of care. They’re just more dry than when I had natural hair.
For some months, I’m doing pre-wash treatments from Lush. My first choice was H’Suan Wen Hua. Yeah, that’s a complex name.

Hsuan-wen-huaThe mask itself is very good, it’s a great hair moisturizer, it perfectly does its job. But I absolutely hate the smell. You can smell the eggs in it. Ugh. And I’m not at all a fan of the Bay Leaf infusion smell. It’s way too strong for me. But some people like it.
Links : en/fr

So I decided to switch to Marilyn.

MarilynThe smell was so much better for me. It’s a lot fresher and more lemony, I love it. It’s also a great mask, especially for blond hair, it illuminates them without emphasizing the wee-wee-yellow highlights. Used with the Daddy-O shampoo, it’s perfect.
Links : en/fr

Daddy-OPeople. This is the most incredible shampoo smell I’ve ever smelled in my life. The violet scent is a blessing. It smells so good that I could use it as a shower gel. And about the stops-blonde-going-brassy stuff, it’s ok. It does the job, but nothing miraculous, it won’t help you a lot if you have very yellow highlights. It’s a shampoo after all. But really, the smell is amazing. More than Trichomania.
Links : en/fr


Looks like french cheese haha

This is the first shampoo from Lush that I bought. My hair were pretty dry at that moment and I needed something nourishing. The salesman recommended Trichomania to me and he was damn right. When you wash your hair with this, the hair feel very dry. But once it’s rinsed and dried, the change is surprising. My hair were really soft, like I just cut them. The smell of the shampoo is very nice. It smells like coconut, but not the very chemical coconut, you know? That’s very pleasant. And solid shampoo is a really good value. I bought 100g of it, used it for 2 months and there was still half of the product. The only bad point is that it was giving me dandruff, which I usually never have. Not very sexy.
Links : en

And last but not least, the conditioners. I first bought Retread.

RetreadNice smell, very fresh and delicately flowered. Good conditioner. But so quickly ended. After a month of use, the pot was empty. I felt like I needed to apply a tons of conditioner each time to do all my head, although I have very short hair. So after my first pot, I didn’t buy it again. But it also was because I wanted to try American Cream.
Links : en/fr

American CreamI think I will never ever use another conditioner. This one is fantastic. The smell is TO DIE FOR. Um, sorry, to die for. See how crazy it drives me. It doesn’t smell like strawberry, contrary to what the picture may make you think. It’s gourmand and smooth and a little amber I think. It smells really, really good. I could eat it or drink it or whatever. Best part is that the smell stays for days. FOR DAYS. This is wonderful. And of course it’s an awesome conditioner, it makes the hair soft without making them heavy. I guess it’s my favourite Lush product by far.
Links : en/fr

Next time, we’ll be talking about face products, kids. Be good meanwhile.

It’s all about lips

Hello sweeties,

What about talking about Lush? My first real *meet* with the english brand was 5 months ago. I was surfing on the nice french beauty blog Tête de Thon, Métauxlourds (this pseudo is surreal) was talking about her love for the American Cream conditioner and more largely, she was saying how great is Lush because it’s a brand that is green friendly and of quality. I was like :

thinking sherlock

“Hmm, interesting, let’s go investigate”

And let me tell you that I’m not the kind of investigator who do the job halfway. Nope ma’am. I bought something like 15 different products in total. I don’t even tell you about the gifts my friends gave to me or the samples. Hair products, face products, body products, lip products, shower products, bath products… I’m a serial consumer. At a point, I just couldn’t stop myself from going to Lush and get out of there with at least a product (hey, let’s play a game : how many times do I say “product(s)” in this post? Go!). That was insane.

I regret nothing DalekAnyway, today I’m only talking about lip products because I’m a lip products addict, as my lips get dried at the speed of light. And because I already talked too much today eh. I own 2 lip balms : None of your Beeswax and It Started with a Kiss (Lush products always have wicked names).

None of your Beeswax

This, my friends, is fabulous. The texture is very smooth and nourishing. My lips are sensitive sometimes, because of the scrub attack and the usual dry, and applying this makes them really more comfortable. If I could sleep on my lips, I would do it (wait what?). It has a shiny glow of fat. Well, that doesn’t sound very glamorous, but hey, it’s a balm, it’s fat. I put a tons of balm on my lips before sleeping, so that it’s super soft and bouncy in the morning, without any balm residues. And this is glamorous.

winkBut be at ease, it’s very wearable on daytime if you’re not heavy handed. Also, the smell is very pleasant, it’s honeyed and lemony, I like it a lot.
I would definitely buy it again.
Links links links : en/fr

It Started with a Kiss

I’m mostly a lazy girl. I like to have practical products that treat and make up at the same time. That’s why I love tinted lip balms. The colour of It Started with a Kiss is nice, it emphasizes the lips, it’s very pretty.

It Started With a Kiss © Wina

Applied lightly

The hydration is great, not as good as None of your Beeswax, but it does the job still. The smell is absolutely fantastic. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon but I must say that this smell of cinnamon and apple is to die for. It’s very sugary and gourmand, but not cloying at all. I swear to God the first days I used it I thought “it smells so good… Maybe I could eat it, it’s almost fully natural after all…”. Hah. Didn’t do it eventually.
Links links links : en/fr

That’s it for today!

Lady Oscar is a cat

Hello sweeties,

When I was a little girl, my mum and I were always watching The Rose of Versailles on TV. It was our favourite japanese cartoon and we were never missing any episode. And till now I’m a Lady Oscar fanatic (my mum too by the way). So, when a friend of mine went to Japan this summer and brought me back the Lady Oscar *official* eyeliner, I went crazy. Look at this beauty.

lady oscar eyeliner 1 © Winalady oscar eyeliner 2 © WinaYou have to know that I’m fond of eyeliner. It’s my favorite eye product. I’m using cream eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner… Any kind of eyeliner. But I always had issues with liquid eyeliners in a pen. They always dry after 2 uses and they can’t be used anymore. But this one, my dears, this one is perfect. The best eyeliner I’ve tried so far.

lady oscar eyeliner 3 © WinaThe brush tip is very soft, it’s pleasant to use, it doesn’t hurt when you apply it.
It doesn’t dry in the pen. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s still working.
And this colour. Good Lord, this colour. A perfect intense black. No need to go over it several times, the colour is perfect at the first line.
It’s also long lasting. As my eyelids have the tendancy to oil (ha that’s so sexy, isn’t it?), even with a primer, I need strong liners. And this one perfectly does the job.

Do I have to mention that I’m completely in love with it? I’m so sad that it’s not sold in France. lady oscar eyeliner 4 © Wina

I’m using E.L.F. Radiance Enhancer (fr/us) in the Sunrise shade as an eyeshadow, applied on the mobile eyelid, Naris Up Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara on the top lashes and E.L.F. Exact Lash Mascara (fr/us) on the bottom lashes.

Thank you so much Mumina for this wonderful gift!

Nude Edition

Hello sweeties,

Today I’m reviewing Bourjois’ last lipsticks collection named Rouge Edition. They say it’s approved by fashion editors and stuff, but whatever. I chose the shade Pêche Cosy (03).

pêche cosy 1 © Winapêche cosy 2 © Winapêche cosy 3 © Wina

I like to wear nude colours these last times. I used to wear very showy lipsticks when I was a brunette. I was always wearing red or orangey lipsticks. But as I bleached my hair and became blonde, those shades don’t really suit me anymore. Discrete and rosy shades look better on me now. Plus, with the nude colours, it’s like I’m rediscovering my natural beauty or something. No need of Pod (does anyone of you watch Snog, Marry, Avoid? I love this tv show).

Hand swatch yeah

Hand swatch yeah (it actually looks brighter IRL)

I used to find the colour a bit too light for my skin colour. But as I become paler and paler as the winter sets, I eventually think it’s not that bad, it delicately warms up and unifies my lip colour.

Click on the picture to enlarge

Click on the picture to enlarge

The lipstick is very comfy. The texture is creamy and slides easily on the lips. But the 10-hour hydration thing… Come on guys. Is this lipstick made by Santa Claus or what? For being honest, I can’t say if it really hydrates 10 hours. Maybe it’s true. But I’m human. I talk, I eat, I drink. I say stupid things all the time, I eat fat food all the time, I drink hot tea all the time. I can’t not feed myself for 10 hours. The longgest I could keep the lipstick was 3-4 hours. And I must say my lips didn’t get dried during this time. So yes, it’s effectively hydrating. Basically, Rouge Edition lipsticks are quite good value. 

So bright that it blinds you

Hello sweeties,

Let’s talk about one of my last bought E.L.F. nail polishes, Coral Dream. I know, it’s not an *appropriate* colour for winter, but I just couldn’t wait till summer to try it.

coral dream 1 © Wina

The colour is very bright, almost fluorescent actually. It’s a little peachy, there’s a lot more of yellow in the shade than it looks like on the website. The brush’s hairs are quite thick, which is not very practical. The application might be tricky. But the texture of the nail polish and the intensity of the colour are great to me. I applied 2 coats, but if the brush’s hairs were thinner, I guess one coat would be enough.

coral dream 2 © WinaI couldn’t resist adding glitters. I applied old glittery nail polishes in gradient (well, at least I tried to).

coral dream 3 © WinaSO girly, right? It’s just like a unicorn pooped on my nails.

If interested, you can buy Coral Dream here : fr/us.

Doll eyes?

Hello sweeties,

I didn’t tell you the entire truth. In my Yesstyle order, there was something I didn’t mention in my post. A mascara. Yes, I betrayed you.  I’m sorry, so sorry. But, anyway, let’s forget it and talk about this mascara.

WUPSM 1 © WinaWUPSM 2 © Wina This baby is called Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara and it’s from Naris Up, a japanese brand. That’s a long name. When I saw it on the website, I was like “OHMYGOD I HAVE TO BUY THIS, I’LL GET DOLL EYES EVENTUALLY” (yes, I know, I’m way too naive)(and I shout on my laptop). Look at those manga eyes on the packaging. I was really excited when I received it. But when I opened the tube, I freaked out.

WUPSM 3 © Wina

Mascara clumps maker, dang

Anyway, I always clean mascara brushes before applying, so it’s fine. And now you’re all waiting for the results eh? Tada!

WUPSM © Wina

Natural lame short and straight eyelashes // Eyelash curler + one coat

2 coats // 3 coats (no big difference)

2 coats // 3 coats

[Click on the pics to enlarge]

Well, there is no big difference between the coats on the pics, but it does have one in real life.
Nothing crazy, but it’s a good basic. Not enough volume in my opinion. But it kind of holds the curve, gives the eyelashes a nice length and doesn’t make as much mascara clumps as expected. Best point is the beautiful deep black colour. And it’s under 10€, yey!