Oh! I know! Guys! I’m letting the blog die! I’m heartless! A monster! And a drama queen.

that's gonna be death

I guess most of you don’t mind about how often I post and stuff, but I do think that what I’ve done is *wrong*.

My perception of blogging is kind of special. Do I blog for myself ? Or for my readers ? Or for both of us ? This isn’t the question. To me, the last option is always the true one. My relationship with my blog is not based on the “for who”, but rather on “for what”. My blog is a motivator, an anti-procrastination challenge. Of course, I’m not posting only to free my mind from the guilt of not posting. But I opened this blog because I wanted to be regular and share my everyday interests. I used to let so many things unshared on my previous blog, just because of laziness. And the sentiment of frustration is unbearable.

pieWhen I was a little kid, I was really shy and quiet. That wasn’t so bad. But the uncool point is that no one was really listening to me. It was often (always?) the “oh yeah yeah, let’s do that”, followed by a smile, while your interlocutor actually didn’t hear/understand a word of what you said. Frustration.
Even if now it’s much better on this point, blogging is like a life buoy, an assurance that someone, somewhere, will always eventually read my lines.

Anyway, this is getting a little too sentimental. Sentiments. Meh. Girl feelings. Yurk.

All I wanted to say is that I’m fine. I had tough weeks, I was pretty sick these last times. A month ago, I had angina. The week after, I had fever. The week even after, I had flu. And this week I had fever, waves of nausea, the most violent headache of my life, palpitations and other cool stuff. Now I have a respiratory tract inflammation and I’m coughing my lungs out all day long. Awesome.

bodyBut I’m really trying to come back and I’m thinking about some cool (I hope) posts.

Stay tuned sweeties and take care. Seriously guys. Take really care. You don’t want to end up like me.

World’s worst plague

Hello sweeties,

God, I really have to stop procrastinating. I’m preparing a comics post for a few days and it’s not progressing much. I’m eating candies and drinking hot chocolate all day long, but it doesn’t help to motivate. Blah. I draw a line and then I fall in the abysses of the Internet. And 3 hours later, when I ask to myself what I’ve done all this time, I’m just like :


I can’t do nails posts for a while, because my nails are super weak these days, so I have to stop applying nail polish. I bought so many new nail polishes what’s more. Yes, I take it very hard and my heart is broken right now.

I can't do it

Actually, I spend my days eating a lot and complaining because my stomach hurts because I ate too much. Christmas.

I don't understand

Anyway, I think I’ll make cosmetics reviews for the following days, so that I keep a kind of blogging rate. I hope this is going to help me to defeat procrastination.

New home

Hello sweeties,

I’m back, finally. On a new blog, yes. I could keep the old one and only change the name and theme. But… I don’t know. It just felt wrong. There are so much contents on it related to what I used to be. It doesn’t suit me anymore. I didn’t want to go back there. I didn’t want to blog there anymore. Plus, blogging in French wasn’t satisfying. I wanted to change it, but I had the feeling that my readers would be lost in some way (or maybe am I just thinking too much). I don’t forbid myself to blog in French here too, but I think that it will be mostly in English. Things seem to sound less cheesy in English than in French sometimes.
Anyway, I felt limited in general.
My brother said that it could be interesting to keep on blogging on the old address, so that we could see how I evolved. But I don’t feel that way. That blog┬áis my past. I want something clean, something pure, something new. Like I was moving without taking my stuff with me. I want to go back to the start and build new things, based on nothing.

So here we are.

[Got it? Got it? Hehe. Come on. That was an awesome joke.]