Hello sweeties,

I’m back, eventually!

Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched Searching for Sugar Man, the documentary about Rodriguez’s incredible story. I didn’t know the artist yet but the summary my friend did about the film really intrigued me.
A guy, Sixto Rodriguez, records two albums in the early 70’s USA and it’s a flop. It doesn’t sell. And by some fortune, it’s an unbelievable success in South Africa. They don’t know anything about the guy, except that it’s said that he killed himself. Fascinating, isn’t it?

I believe that most of the people who saw the documentary are Rodriguez’s fans. I wasn’t. But for those who are in the same case than me, you guys should definitely go watch it, it’s absolutely worth it. There’s a freaking twist in the middle of the film. I was like :

I also learned a lot about South Africa. My knowledge on this country is close to the void. Of course, like everyone on Earth, I’ve heard of the apartheid period. But what do I really know? Nothing actually. It was very interesting to know more about it. I was really surprised about the impact that Rodriguez had on South Africa’s history. And I guess he was too when he knew it!

The whole story is so incredible that it’s hard to believe. You almost wish that it’s not true as it’s too wonderful. I really felt in love with the story. It represents Humanity’s magic, what people could do for the love of music and how beautiful people might be (apart from the cruelty of music industry, meh).

And of course, the soundtrack is fantastic. I’m listening to Cold Fact and Coming From Reality on repeat since yesterday. I have to say I rather like Cold Fact though. Sugar Man is probably my fav song. Not a very original choice, but I really find this track powerful. When he sings the first line, I feel like an instant sorrow is invading me, but it’s not a *bad* sorrow, if you see what I mean. It’s just something intense that makes you want to cry, but the tears don’t come up.

It’s still on display in Paris, France. I don’t know if it’s the case wherever you guys are, but it is, go to the goddamn cinema.