Pink hedgehog

Hello hello sweeties,

I’m in a super good mood today. I guess it’s because the sun is back in town, yoohoo! But let’s talk about serious girly business : mascara.

Total Lash Cover 1 © WinaI think Naris Up Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara (WUPSM in the following lines) is my favorite of all time (yet). I still have some, but I’m using Total Lash Cover by Milani at the moment. I mainly bought it because of its INSANE brush. Look at that :

Total Lash Cover 2 © WinaIt’s both frightening and fascinating ha. The brush is composed of 3 different zones. It looks like there’s a classical mascara brush part, but the thickness of the fibers are different depending on the place. The extremities have neon green fibers that are a bit thicker than the white central fibers. And there’s what I call the pink hedgehog part, made of plastic spikes.

Total Lash Cover 3 © WinaThe application is quite fun. This is how I do : I first apply with the fibers part to give volume to the eyelashes. Then, I use the pink hedgehog part to separate the lashes. But beware! Try to not hurt yourself with that part. I’m not kidding, it really is unpleasant. You’ll laugh less when it’ll happen.

The result after a coat is great. Nice volume, very intense black lashes and length is ok. The real bonus is the perfect hold of the curve. After 2 coats, clumps start to form. But it’s not as dramatic than after 3 coats, when the lashes look like spidergrams.

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Total Lash Cover 4 © Wina

Naked eye // Eyelash curler + one coat

Total Lash Cover 5 © Wina

2 coats // 3 coats

You can buy Total Lash Cover here for less than $5!

Doll eyes?

Hello sweeties,

I didn’t tell you the entire truth. In my Yesstyle order, there was something I didn’t mention in my post. A mascara. Yes, I betrayed you.  I’m sorry, so sorry. But, anyway, let’s forget it and talk about this mascara.

WUPSM 1 © WinaWUPSM 2 © Wina This baby is called Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara and it’s from Naris Up, a japanese brand. That’s a long name. When I saw it on the website, I was like “OHMYGOD I HAVE TO BUY THIS, I’LL GET DOLL EYES EVENTUALLY” (yes, I know, I’m way too naive)(and I shout on my laptop). Look at those manga eyes on the packaging. I was really excited when I received it. But when I opened the tube, I freaked out.

WUPSM 3 © Wina

Mascara clumps maker, dang

Anyway, I always clean mascara brushes before applying, so it’s fine. And now you’re all waiting for the results eh? Tada!

WUPSM © Wina

Natural lame short and straight eyelashes // Eyelash curler + one coat

2 coats // 3 coats (no big difference)

2 coats // 3 coats

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Well, there is no big difference between the coats on the pics, but it does have one in real life.
Nothing crazy, but it’s a good basic. Not enough volume in my opinion. But it kind of holds the curve, gives the eyelashes a nice length and doesn’t make as much mascara clumps as expected. Best point is the beautiful deep black colour. And it’s under 10€, yey!