Pshiew Pshiew #3

Hello sweeties,

Let’s start this Pshiew Pshiew with the *usual* skateboard video. Because this one is really hilarious.

Dang, how much I laughed when I watched that. It’s so mindfucking. Brilliant. Plus, there’s Foster The People as soundtrack. What more could you ask for? A singing unicorn? Ok, a singing unicorn.

You have to know that I actually am afraid of muppets and I was half crying, half laughing while watching this video. But the Internet is full of surprise and founding this Doctor Who inspired wedding cheered me up.


Source & photos credit :

And guess what? There’s also a video.

THEIR VOWS MADE ME CRY. THEY ARE SO PERFECT. Special thanks to Vanessa who made me discover this beauty.

Now, you might wonder “ok, we got the skate part, the Doctor Who part… What about the Pokemon part?”. There we go :

Source : pyncosation

Source : pyncosation

That actually is pretty sad. So let’s end with a happy feeling video that will make you (even more) want to go to Japan.


Pshiew Pshiew #2

Hello sweeties,

It’s Pokemon Adventure Time.

Source : hotroz

Source : hotroz

Speaking of Pokemon, do you remember this exact moment?


Source : Kaleptik


Brilliant. And super cute. Just like this :

This is pretty much why I like Vimeo. There are always nice shorts on it. That’s so great. I could spend hours looking for and at that. And skateboard videos.

why won't you marry me

I’ve been waiting for using this gif for a very long time ha

I don’t really know why I’ve been having this skateboard obsession for a year or so. I think it comes from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I’m just fascinated by skateboard videos. I go crazy when I watch one. Like this :

This gif freaks me outSource : badblueprints

Source : Bad Blueprints

And now, let’s wash your confused brain with some relaxing pics of Iceland.

Haaa. Be my patron, buy me a plane ticket. Thank you, bye.

Far over the misty mountains cold

Hello sweeties,

This is another post about a film I saw last week. And there’s another one to come. “Oh my god you’re going so often at the cinema these days, what’s happening?” I can hear you say with astonishment. I’m almost considering the idea of subscribing to an unlimited cinema pass. Just because I saw 4 films in 2 weeks while I don’t go to the cinema the rest of the year. Reasonable choice, obviously.

Anyway, today, let’s talk about

the hobbit an unexpected journey


Watched it eventually! For those who still don’t know what it’s about, it’s simply The Lords of The Ring‘s prequel, how Bilbo meets Gandalf (and Gollum and the Ring) and how he defeats the dragon Smaug to help the Dwarves to take their homeland back. Epic adventure, bitches.

I watched the film in 48fps 3D. Sounds like it’s a barbarian foreign language? It was for me too. I’m showing off because that’s what boyfriend told me and I’m just repeating, I don’t understand anything in audiovisual techniques. He explained that it was a crazy process in which the movements are more divided than in the classic 24fps shootings. Basically, it means that there are more pics per second (48 frames per second instead of 24)(got it now?).
 All I can say is that it’s pretty weird. I couldn’t say if this technology progress makes the film *better* or not. The rendering is impressive at least. It really is different from classic 3D. I actually felt like I was into video games cinematics. But esthetically, I guess 24fps wins. As there’s less blooming, you see the movements breakdown. It looks less smooth, so less pretty visually. To me, it actually gives a kitschy style in some way. It’s quite hard to explain, I think you really need to see it. That was a great experience though, I didn’t cry of pain at the end of the film. My eyes are quite sensitive, I can’t enjoy 3D films to the end, because it just freaking hurts my eyes and head (people think I’m crying because I’m moved. I’m just suffering in silence). +1 for you 48fps then. And the incredible sound system of the cinema theater we’ve been (Pathé Wepler, place de Clichy for Parisians) made the thing so realistic sometimes that it was disturbing.

"Hello Kili"

“Hello Kili, yes Kili, be at my service Kili”

Concerning the film itself, it’s cooooool. With 6 Os. The landscapes are of course beautiful and the characters are appealing. Martin Freeman is OF COURSE absolutely perfect as Bilbo. It makes the character even cuter.


There’s not that much to say about the film. Epic fights (Trolls! Orcs! Stone Giants! Gobelins!), funny lines (the meeting between Bilbo and Gollum is awesome), emotional scenes. Everything is there. Even sexiness.

kili_that was a really hot guyI have to confess I cried a bit during the hedgehog scene. Thank God we were all carrying 3D glasses eh. I was just like



 But it’s not my fault. I mean, don’t give names to animals if you don’t want people to become attached to them, that’s so cruel! Boyfriend guessed I was sniveling ha. Shame.

There are some things I didn’t like in the film though. Some scenes are a bit too long maybe. And I find that the Gollum’s faces show was ridiculous. At the beginning, it was great, I was like “Woah, face sensors, you make it so realistic”. But then it became stupid. “Okay guys, I think we got it now, can you tell the actor to stop doing all the facial expressions in the world?”. This is by the way an example of scenes that lasted a bit too long.
Also, I was quite disappointed that we don’t see that much Smaug.

Apart from this, The Hobbit is great. Now, can we just all sit down and listen quietly to this?

Good Lord, this soundtrack.

It’s all about lips

Hello sweeties,

What about talking about Lush? My first real *meet* with the english brand was 5 months ago. I was surfing on the nice french beauty blog Tête de Thon, Métauxlourds (this pseudo is surreal) was talking about her love for the American Cream conditioner and more largely, she was saying how great is Lush because it’s a brand that is green friendly and of quality. I was like :

thinking sherlock

“Hmm, interesting, let’s go investigate”

And let me tell you that I’m not the kind of investigator who do the job halfway. Nope ma’am. I bought something like 15 different products in total. I don’t even tell you about the gifts my friends gave to me or the samples. Hair products, face products, body products, lip products, shower products, bath products… I’m a serial consumer. At a point, I just couldn’t stop myself from going to Lush and get out of there with at least a product (hey, let’s play a game : how many times do I say “product(s)” in this post? Go!). That was insane.

I regret nothing DalekAnyway, today I’m only talking about lip products because I’m a lip products addict, as my lips get dried at the speed of light. And because I already talked too much today eh. I own 2 lip balms : None of your Beeswax and It Started with a Kiss (Lush products always have wicked names).

None of your Beeswax

This, my friends, is fabulous. The texture is very smooth and nourishing. My lips are sensitive sometimes, because of the scrub attack and the usual dry, and applying this makes them really more comfortable. If I could sleep on my lips, I would do it (wait what?). It has a shiny glow of fat. Well, that doesn’t sound very glamorous, but hey, it’s a balm, it’s fat. I put a tons of balm on my lips before sleeping, so that it’s super soft and bouncy in the morning, without any balm residues. And this is glamorous.

winkBut be at ease, it’s very wearable on daytime if you’re not heavy handed. Also, the smell is very pleasant, it’s honeyed and lemony, I like it a lot.
I would definitely buy it again.
Links links links : en/fr

It Started with a Kiss

I’m mostly a lazy girl. I like to have practical products that treat and make up at the same time. That’s why I love tinted lip balms. The colour of It Started with a Kiss is nice, it emphasizes the lips, it’s very pretty.

It Started With a Kiss © Wina

Applied lightly

The hydration is great, not as good as None of your Beeswax, but it does the job still. The smell is absolutely fantastic. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon but I must say that this smell of cinnamon and apple is to die for. It’s very sugary and gourmand, but not cloying at all. I swear to God the first days I used it I thought “it smells so good… Maybe I could eat it, it’s almost fully natural after all…”. Hah. Didn’t do it eventually.
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That’s it for today!