About Slut Shaming

Hello sweeties,

Ok, I didn’t plan to post something like that. When I opened this blog, I was like “hey, there will be so many fun posts and we all will be laughing forever!”. But I do think that what I’m talking about today is important and I wanted to share it.

Yesterday, I was on the wonderful Kyoko’s blog (like everyday ha) and there was this video posted :

I watched this 5 times yesterday. I felt really moved by the message of mature behaviour that Chescaleigh is spreading through this video. Yes, getting wasted is not a very mature behaviour. But Slut Shaming is much less. Because when you get wasted, you at least don’t intend to hurt someone’s feelings. And don’t even tell me that “oh I didn’t know it would hurt your feelings”. How could you not know that you could/would hurt their feelings? You are aware of what you are doing. You know you are mocking at someone and you know you are using mean words. Don’t you dare telling me that “slut” is a compliment or neutral. Don’t tell me either “oh come on, that’s just a joke”. A joke? Are you seeing the victim of your “””joke””” laughing? Can we conclude that this is funny? No. Bullying is not cool, bullying is not fun.

Because yes, Slut Shaming is like being in a playground and pointing finger to people and laughing like hyenas. I mean, when you’re a kid, judging people like that is considered as “””acceptable”””. Because you’re a kid, and kids are cruel, and you might be not as wise as you should be. But once you’re a grown-up, this is revolting. And even more because Slut Shaming is a bigger problem than *just* being called “hey fat cow” or “hey when you walk, it makes the Earth shake boom boom boom” when you’re a child (true story)(should post something about that someday). Even if now, kids are also Slut Shaming, as I have understood. This world is sick.

I might be too naïve, but each time I get this kind of information, it breaks me down. I’m just like “really? Are there people behaving like this, Slut Shaming other people?”. Each time, I really hope it’s some kind of *very tasteless* myth. 

I don’t feel personally concerned about Slut Shaming. No one in my circle have ever been treated this way. I’ve never been treated this way. There never was Slut Shaming around me (or at least, not to my knowledge). And Thank God for that. 

I actually think that Slut Shaming is not that frequent in France, at least not as much as it is in the USA. Maybe I’m wrong. And I believe I’m wrong. Because I have the luck to have grown up and to live in a nice environment and I probably don’t see what’s happening next to me. So, actually, I didn’t really know what Slut Shaming was before watching this video. I’d heard about it, but couldn’t really get it. For those who are potentially in my kind of situation, the fabulous Laci Green has made a great educative video :

I believe there is a lack of information about such phenomenons over here (or maybe am I just living too much in my world?). As I was ignorant about it, I guess other people might be too. So I thought I should share it and I hope this is helping in some way. Helping you to understand. Or to feel better if need be.

For french readers : after some research, I found out that one of my favourite french webzine wrote an article about it and explains well what Slut Shaming is. Here’s the link.

Last words for Chescaleigh, and all the girls who spoke out about their experience. If you read this someday, know that I admire your courage.