Beauty vs Glamour

Hi there,

I came back from Scotland last week and I feel blah about being back in Paris. It was an amazing trip (I almost died)(ok, that’s a bit exagerated) and I’ll tell you more about it very soon (next week if not too lazy).

But today, I wanted to go back over an article I read, here‘s the link.

The article starts with “As I flip through modern magazines made for women and men, I wonder how many people truly believe that what they see is a true representation of beauty, let alone think it’s achievable. Many forget that there is plenty of photoshop and surgery involved, to the point that it’s someone else entirely”. 
 Then, it presents the work of a make-up artist (Vadim Andreev) who “want[s] to help everyone to see their own beauty” by making them as glamourous as the girls in the magazines. 

Roughly, what I understand is: “You don’t need Photoshop and/or surgery to be beautiful, just a little make-up (and some skills obviously)”.
I completely agree with the first part of the idea. Less with the second part. To me, the initiative is great, but incomplete.

I am part of the girls who have *strong* complexes. Those that stop you from going out if you’re not “ready”.
There are 3 things I don’t like about my face. In order of antipathy: my eyebrows, my natural lip colour and my eyelashes. My eyebrows are squattered, full of holes, almost non-existent in some places. My natural lip colour is too pale. My eyelashes are short, straight and few. I always have to make-up my eyebrows before going out. Always, always, always. Even if this means being late for a meeting. I spend at least 5 minutes on it, because it has to be perfect. Full, thick and natural looking. And I often had compliments on my brows actually haha.

But still, it feels a little wrong. I almost became obsessed by it. And I can’t go out without doing it. But the thing is, yes, my natural eyebrows are ugly, but then? Does it really matter? Does this mean I am ugly? Not that much, my face isn’t so hard to look at when I don’t have make-up on it. Boyfriend doesn’t cover his eyes of fright when he sees me on waking, neither the passers-by the rare times I go out with no make-up on haha. But it’s not so easy to admit it by myself. Why? Because models. Because beauty criteria. Because the eyebrows are what define your face and that’s an absolute rule.

So yes, Photoshop and surgery are not a solution. You’ll never be satisfied and always will want more. But make-up isn’t neither and certainly not artistic make-up that makes you look like a model.

Don’t get me wrong, Vadim Andreev’s work is stunning, I don’t deny it at all. The way he plays with the lights and the shadows, how he redefines the face and how he does the eye make-up, it really is impressive.
But it doesn’t help women to see their own beauty. And I do believe that, on the contrary, it locks them in their complexes. Because, yes, you look like a model with all this make-up, your skin is flawless, your lips are full and your eyes look like those of Bambi’s mother. But for how long? A day? An evening? An hour? How can this help you to feel good about yourself when there’s such a “harsh reality check” as soon as the make-up is removed? Do you even realize that? Photoshop and surgery are blamed to make someone be someone else entirely. But make-up can do it too. When you redefine all your face, it absolutely has the same effect than Photoshop. Surgery at least lasts (which can be dramatic).

This might be a nice experience, it might be fun and surprising to be “transformed” by make-up. But to me, this is not beauty, it’s glamour. Glamour involves the artifices. Beauty does not. Glamour starts when you put the lipstick on. Beauty starts when you admit its existence.

Soft bling

Hello sweeties,

About 2 monthes ago, I was talking about a H&M nail polishes set and how much I loved the tangerine nail polish. I did a simple nail art : tangerine as base, midnight blue triangle with a Bourjois mini-nail polish in the shade 58 and dots with H&M Golden Treasure. I really liked this nail art. It’s easy to do and it has its effect.

soft bling 4 © Winasoft bling 5 © Winasoft bling 2 © Wina soft bling 3 © Winasoft bling 1 © Wina

Peacock somehow

Hello sweeties,

Last makeup tutorial with the Cameleon palette. It’s a peacock feather inspired eyelook. I was feeling pretty proud about it, as I’m not comfortable at all with colours, as you now know. I said I was. Because last week the blogger from Tête de Thon posted that beautiful peacock inspired eye makeup, and I was like “Ok, my try is bullshit” haha. But I don’t really tend to be that artistic. I don’t have the patience, I’m just good at looking the others doing so and be fascinated.

Peacock 1 © WinaProducts used :
Eye Color Fix – Agnès b.
Total Lash Cover – Milani
Oriental Eyeliner – Kiko

Cameleon palette :
Cameleon x Peacock © Wina Brushes (all from E.L.F) :
Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeblending Brush
Defining Eye Brush
Studio Small Angled Brush
Studio Small Precision Brush
Peacock set © Wina

When I ended the makeup, I first thought “Wow. But I could never go out like that”.  But I look at those pictures, the more I think it’s doable. With a nude lipstick and a cute spring dress.

Peacock 2 © Wina Peacock 3 © Wina Peacock 4 © Wina

High Violet

Hello sweeties,

I’m not very comfortable with colours for the eye make-up. I always use brown, bronze, golden or beige shades for my eyes. “Neutrals”. I think it’s because it’s reassuring. I know it will suit my brown eyes in any case. It also suits my personnality, I guess. I’m someone who is pretty calm and discrete and this is what those colours inspire me. But sometimes, I like to surprise myself and try some things. Like when I discovered that green shades could work quite well on me (well, OK, that wasn’t that much risky, but still)(let me feel brave in my own way). So, the other day I tried a purpley eye look.

High Violet 1 © WinaProducts used :
Eye Color Fix – Agnès b.
Total Lash Cover – Milani
Cameleon palette :
Cameleon x High Violet © WinaBrushes (all from E.L.F) :
Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeblending Brush
Defining Eye Brush
Studio Small Angled BrushHigh Violet set © Wina

I’d say it’s nice for spring, fresh and delicate. I’d see myself wearing this make-up with a virginal dress, a wreath made of flowers on my head, running barefoot in a field of poppies and puppies. Or I’d just put a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans and buy enough to fill the fridge up. Like the other day. I wore my NYX Indian Pink Round Lipstick (ex favourite nude lipstick) though, to preserve my dignity.

High Violet 2 © Wina High Violet 3 © Wina High Violet 4 © WinaBonus : High Violet is the title of the 5th album of the awesome band The National. Here’s my favourite track :

Tanned eyes

Hello sweeties,

It’s late May and it’s cold and rainy in Paris. Yes, it is. As the weather seems to want to go back to autumn, I decided to rebel. Yes, I did. With my eye make-up. With golden, bronze and other warm shades. We lead the revolution we can.

Tanned eyes 1 © Wina

Products used :
Eye Color Fix – Agnès b.
Total Lash Cover – Milani
Cameleon palette :
Cameleon x Tanned eyes © Wina

Brushes (all from E.L.F) :
Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeblending Brush
Studio Small Angled Brush

Tanned eyes set © Wina

The result is soft and discrete. Will I dare to say that it’s cozy? A cozy make-up, that doesn’t make much sense. But, I mean, it’s easy to wear. There’s no eyeliner required, you don’t need to be very precise about the application, as the eyeshadows shades are from the same family and as you blend as much as possible to create some kind of halo. Let’s say it’s cozy.
Oh and I wore some orangey lipstick with that. Ok, I didn’t take a lot of risk, but at least it matches.
Tanned eyes 2 © WinaTanned eyes 3 © WinaTanned eyes 4 © Wina

Rainbows and unicorns and cameleons and stop.

Hello sweeties,

I received my orders the other day and it looks like this :

Sasa © WinaChristmas in May. I am so excited. I can’t wait to try all that. But patience, patience, it will be done at the right time. I opened only 3 things : Sasatinnie Japanese Accessory Facial Cleansing, Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Aqua Cubic Complex and Cameleon 36 Color Professional Eyeshadow Palette (God, that’s long names).

Cameleon 1 © Wina Cameleon 2 © Wina

First thing that I noticed when I opened it is that it smells like the old eyeshadows. You know, our mothers ones. It’s a powdery smell, almost reassuring, that I don’t really find in actual eyeshadows. The eyeshadows size is very small (it’s like the size of an average thumb nail) but the intensity of most of them is pretty good. With an eyeshadow base, it really is satisfying and resistance is nice, it doesn’t crease much, although I have greasy eyelids (yurk). The eyeshadows are very pearly and some shades are gorgeous. It cost me less than US$8, so it’s good value.

Bad news is that :

  • It’s a bit powdery, so beware of fall out when applying
  • the black eyeshadow pigmentation is so disappointing, more so as it’s the only matte of the palette
  • The “make up collection” is written in Comic sans MS, which should be forbidden
  • It seems that it’s not on the website anymore, but I guess you can find it elsewhere

[Sorry for the swatches quality, it was under natural light yet, but anyway]

Cameleon 3 © WinaCameleon 6 © Wina Cameleon 7 © Wina Cameleon 8 © Wina Cameleon 4 © WinaCameleon 9 © Wina Cameleon 10 © Wina Cameleon 11 © Wina Cameleon 5 © WinaCameleon 12 © Wina Cameleon 13 © Wina Cameleon 14 © WinaWondering what it looks like when on the eyes? Don’t worry, I did some make-ups with the palette. See you in the week for the tutorials!

Cameleon 15 © Wina

Favorite nude so far

Hello sweeties,

I have to show you my favorite nude lipstick so far. It’s from Agnès b., in the b. perfect line, in the Roses à porter collection (oh my, it’s never ending), and the shade is Rose Feutrée (phew).

b perfect Rose Feutrée 1 © Winab perfect Rose Feutrée 3 © Winab perfect Rose Feutrée 2 © WinaWhen I dyed my hair blonde, I discovered the beauty of nude lipsticks. Before that, I was like “nude lipstick? Bullshit, why not just keeping your lips natural then?”, but actually, nude lipsticks have their utility. The difference might be subtile, but that will be what makes your final look perfect. You just need a lip colour that is slightly pinkier, peachier ou beigier and it makes all the difference.

b perfect Rose Feutrée 4 © WinaThese last times I’m addicted to Agnès b. Rose Feutrée. It’s supposed to be a matte lipstick, but as you can see, the rendering isn’t so matte.

b perfect Rose Feutrée 5 © Wina

See how beautiful this is? That peachy pink delicately warms my lip colour up and it’s way much flattering for my skin colour than my natural lip colour. The colour isn’t too light, I just think it’s perfect for my skin tone.
This is clearly not a matte lipstick, rather a semi-matte maybe, but it’s perfect, the rendering is very natural.

This baby costs 18,50€, which I think is very very expensive, considering the size of the lipstick (it’s smaller than my thumb)(and my thumb is reasonable). But there are regular sales on the website (fr), so, just be aware and maybe you’ll get it for 5€ like I did.