Doll eyes?

Hello sweeties,

I didn’t tell you the entire truth. In my Yesstyle order, there was something I didn’t mention in my post. A mascara. Yes, I betrayed you.  I’m sorry, so sorry. But, anyway, let’s forget it and talk about this mascara.

WUPSM 1 © WinaWUPSM 2 © Wina This baby is called Wink Up Perfect Style Mascara and it’s from Naris Up, a japanese brand. That’s a long name. When I saw it on the website, I was like “OHMYGOD I HAVE TO BUY THIS, I’LL GET DOLL EYES EVENTUALLY” (yes, I know, I’m way too naive)(and I shout on my laptop). Look at those manga eyes on the packaging. I was really excited when I received it. But when I opened the tube, I freaked out.

WUPSM 3 © Wina

Mascara clumps maker, dang

Anyway, I always clean mascara brushes before applying, so it’s fine. And now you’re all waiting for the results eh? Tada!

WUPSM © Wina

Natural lame short and straight eyelashes // Eyelash curler + one coat

2 coats // 3 coats (no big difference)

2 coats // 3 coats

[Click on the pics to enlarge]

Well, there is no big difference between the coats on the pics, but it does have one in real life.
Nothing crazy, but it’s a good basic. Not enough volume in my opinion. But it kind of holds the curve, gives the eyelashes a nice length and doesn’t make as much mascara clumps as expected. Best point is the beautiful deep black colour. And it’s under 10€, yey!