Blood, desire and insanity

Hello sweeties,

Last weekend, I saw Stoker. A few weeks ago, I saw the film posters in the subway and I thought “I really need to see that, there’s Mia Wasikowska”. Like most of us I think, I discovered her in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and immediately fell in love with her. She’s of the actresses who look smart besides being absolutely gorgeous. She looks delicate, cute and kind, but you feel like you can’t mess with her or something like that. I find her fascinating in some way. She’s definitely one of my favourite actresses.

So, yes, I needed to go watch that film. But when I took a look at the trailer, I freaked out. “Oh God, there’s so much blood, I can’t watch that”. You have to know that I can’t bear seeing blood on-screen. I could deeply cut my arm or anything else and bleed badly, I wouldn’t mind. Well, I’d pee in my pants because I’d be afraid of losing my arm, but I’d be ok with seeing blood. But if I see blood on-screen, I totally feel bad. Even a drop. It really really makes me feel uncomfortable. So I was quite worried about watching Stoker, but I plucked up courage and bought a pack of candies to reassure me.

What is it all about by the way? It’s a family story, the one of India and her mother who lost their father and husband – Mr Stoker – in a car accident. Mr Stoker’s brother – uncle Charlie – appears in their life after the funerals. Officially, he comes to keep them company in that ordeal, but it seems that disturbing feelings are going to emerge… Murders and hidden desires are to the program.  *anxious soundtrack dum dum duuum*

I really don’t regret watching the film. First because it’s absolutely brilliant. Second because the candies were very good.

Esthetically, I think it’s beautiful. It’s well filmed, there are very interesting motions. The scenes  follow fluently and it suits the atmosphere of the story. The cinematography is very nice, it definitely is pleasant to the eye. But not only, it also is full of meaning and interpretation. Each shot is thought to serve the story, to be part of it and not only to be pretty or impressive.

Concerning the story, it’s very well written in my opinion. Some things are maybe a little too obvious, but the whole story telling is great. I was scared sometimes, but I thought that it would be worse. It’s well balanced, between anxiety and expectation. I’d say it’s reasonable on that point. I mean, the story isn’t what we could call reasonable : it’s violent, perverse, psychotic. The perfect show for the peeping Toms that we are. But you won’t leave the theater with the heart about to explode of fear (which is a good point for me).
At the same time, the film is perfectly intense, in particular on the feelings of the characters. They seem very… Pure. It’s hard to explain, but it’s very spontaneous, the characters seem to live in their own world and nothing reach their feelings, even those are not socially acceptable.

Stoker is definitely to be seen. Beautifully disturbing.