Polka doting at midnight

Hello sweeties,

I said that I’ll talk about my nails today, so here it is. But first, let me tell you my past days nails story. 

3 weeks ago, I had galaxy nails. The week after I wanted to remove the nail polish. But I realized that I didn’t have nail polish remover anymore, after doing half work. So for 2 weeks, I was like this :

hands of shame © Wina

This is ridiculous

Harsh. My boyfriend laughed at me. I sent that pic to my nail mentor and she was ashamed of me (because, yes, I have a nail mentor, hi Maëlle!). Now I have nail polish remover again and my life is blessed.

I wanted to do something cute and simple and that was matching with my brand new backpack and wallet. I opted for polka dot nails, the simplest nail art thing in the world. And when I say it’s easy, it IS easy. I’m probably the clumsier person you could ever meet. I can’t do anything with my fingers without nearly injuring someone, myself included. So, trust me when I say it’s easy. Anyway, here’s the results :

nails+wallet © Winapolka dots nails 1 © Winapolka dots nails 2 © Wina

Looks nice eh? I like it, it’s fun and it was fun to do as well. Here’s a tutorial :

1- Apply a base. Always do. It protects your nails in a general way and it prevents the colour from going right on them (ever had orange or blue nails after removing the nail polish?). Mine is the all in one base from Essie.

base © Wina2- Let it dry and apply the nail polish you want. I chose you pikachu! Mint Cream from E.L.F.

mint cream © Wina

But try to apply it better than I do

3- Let it dry. Then take a thin brush (or a toothpick or a hair slide), distemper the extremity with another colour and press it on the nail so that it makes a dot.

Tip : start from the center of the nail and draw a vertical line of dots before doing the sides, it’s easier and the result looks more homogeneous.

doting 1 © Winadoting 2 © Wina4- Let it dry and apply the topcoat (I tried a matte topcoat first, don’t do the same mistake, it’s awful). Mine is the good to go from Essie.

shiny © WinaNow you’re done!


From Awesomeland to Paris

Hello sweeties,

I received my first Karmaloop and Yesstyle orders this week, yey!

I was just feeling so nervous during the delivery time. I was praying almost everyday for none to steal or lose my package. Each time I order something on the amazing Internet, I freak the f*ck out because I had a traumatizing experience once. Last year, I ordered something from the UK and it took 8 months to arrive. Eight. Freaking. Months. From. The. Freaking. UK. Come on, it’s not that far from France, is it? So why so long? I was so sure about never seeing my package.

Fortunately, nothing unusual happened to my last orders. From Karmaloop, I bought these gorgeous Belle of The Brawl shoes. 

"Ohmygod, look at us, we are so pretty"

“Ohmygod, look at us, we are so pretty”

I wanted them for such a long time. Spotted months ago. But I was too poor for buying them. So I waited patiently in the dark, till the day they’ve been in sale. They cost me about $32, which means almost nothing considering that it’s leather made. YES, $32 FOR LEATHER, HOLY MOLY.

"Ohmygod, and we are so cheap"

“Ohmygod, and we are so cheap”

“””Fun””” fact is that there wasn’t my usual size anymore. It was the last pair and it’s a size 8 (US). I usually take a size 8.5 in other brands, but thank God, they just perfectly suit me. So if someday you order BOTB shoes, now that they size large.

"We are Wina's new favourite shoes yeah yeah"

“We are Wina’s new favourite shoes yeah yeah”

"And we look like delicious Oreos this way"

“And we look like delicious Oreos this way”

(sorry for that crazy shoe talking thing, I’m just way too excited)

From Yesstyle, I ordered 2 backpacks and a wallet. Bought them all in sale, so prices have a little changed now. The first backpack is a black one with white polka dots.

New favourite bag

New favourite bag

The second one is a beige faux leather one. The beige has more yellow in it than on the website (looks a little rosy on their pics).

Hey, am I posing here?

Trying to pose yeah

 The straps system is quite weird. I don’t know how to describe it, it slides at the top. It’s annoying, but I guess could be practical for carrying the bag in a different way, like on the shoulder or something. Won’t really recommend this bag because of that. But if you really want to order it, think twice.

See what I mean here?

See what I mean here?

Love the wallet so much. It’s cute as hell. But I can’t find it on the website anymore, it’s probably out of stock. Here‘s a smaller version.

Gorgeous mint cream colour

Hey, you can see me taking the photo in the crown hah

First thing I put in it : Starbucks fidelity card. Priorities.

First thing I put in it : Starbucks fidelity card. Priorities.

Sweet! Coins!

Sweet! Coins!

Well, as you can see, I’m so poor now that I only have red coins in my wallet.

And yes, I’ll be talking about my nails tomorrow. I know it’s driving you crazy (does it?).