Because it always sounds better with violin

Hello sweeties,

Youtube is a wonderful place, isn’t it? My last Youtube discover is JuNCurryAhn’s videos. I discovered him through an article of the french webzine MadmoiZelle. They were talking about Peter Hollens’ full acapella cover of Misty Mountains from The Hobbit and the cover he made with Jun Sung Ahn aka JuNCurryAhn (go check the videos out by the way, it’s crazy).

So, basically, Jun Sung Ahn makes amazing violin covers of popular songs. Adele, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, One Direction… Wait no, don’t quit the page! He does a fantastic work. Songs that usually sound uninteresting to me magically become great. Like Payphone by Maroon 5. I used to like Maroon 5, but it’s not really the case anymore. God forgive me for this affront, but Payphone sounds nicer without Adam Levine’s voice.

Other example of Jun Sung Ahn’s awesomeness : his cover of RED by Taylor Swift. I don’t like her music. Neither her face. Plus, she dated Jake Gyllenhaal. You. Know. It. Happened.

shut up shut upNow, dry your tears. And make peace with her. I know it’s hard to admit, but you’re about to like Taylor Swift.

But you know what’s cool with Jun Sung Ahn’s covers? He makes originally nice songs sound better. Like Rolling in the Deep by Adele. 

Basically, go check his channel out, he also made a cover of Gangnam Style by PSY. And he’s dancing in the video. Yup.