Birthday gift story

Boyfriend : I hope no one’s going to give you the same thing that I bought for you.

butMe : What is it?

YeeeyBoyfriend : Come on, I won’t tell you.

gurlMe : Can I eat it or..?

thinkingsherlockBoyfriend : Maybe.

gurlMe : Hm. What is it?

doesnt make any senseBoyfriend : A box of poo.

LOL Me :

I don't like itBoyfriend : And I just ordered your second gift.

hey hey heyMe : My second gift? Can I eat it or..?

gnihiBoyfriend : Maybe.

maliceMe : …Don’t tell me it’s another box of poo.

oh no scottBoyfriend : How do you know that?



thonk thonk


I do think this deserves a post

clems‘ comment on Free music platform issue :
“All these gifs with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch to illustrate posts about your boyfriend and you… I have to ask: does it mean that Sherlock and John are your model as a couple? or are you basically obsessed with them? No offense: I am basically obsessed with them”

he'so beautifulhe thinks i'm beautiful

Well, that’s pretty much us, yeah.


Boyfriend : Did you take a look at the The Hobbit‘s cast?

Me : Quickly. All I retained is that Benedict Cumberbatch is being a dragon.

fairy sherlock

Boyfriend : That’s it. And Martin Freeman as Bilbo.

oh god yes

Me : Yes. Sherlock and Watson in the Middle-earth.

they're taking the hobbits

we're not a couple

Boyfriend : That’s it.


Me : The rest is just like The Lord of the Rings. Orlando Bloom and stuff.

shake shake hair

Boyfriend : Yeah. Have you seen the 3 of them ?


Me : Nope. I only saw the first one. And maybe the second one, but I’m not so sure about it.

um no

Boyfriend :

internally screaming

are you seriousjimMe : I know.

Boyfriend : It’s fine, gives me some reasons to watch them again