Cake. CAKE.

Hello sweeties,

2 weeks ago, it was my birthday. And I decided to bake my own birthday cake this year. I was quite nervous about it, because each time I try to bake a cake, it’s a disaster. It tastes too egg-y, too flour-y or too butter-y. And this time, it was… Great!

bdaycake 1 Wina

It’s a berries bavarois with sponge cake. I’m super proud of myself haha. The cake isn’t complicated to bake, but it’s time-taking. You’d better to bake it the day before.

Here’s my berries birthday cake recipe (8 pieces) :

  • For the sponge cake :

bdaycake 2 Wina

  • For the berries bavarois :

bdaycake 4 Wina
And a tablespoon of icing sugar. Make sure that the liquid cream is very cold, place it in fridge at leat 8h before use.

  • For the berries gelly :
    * 100 g of berries coulis
    * 2 gelatin sheets
  • 600gr of berries for the topping

First,the whipped cream that will be used in the bavarois. 

With a beater, beat the 40cl of liquid cream in a very cold bowl.
Tips : place a bigger bowl full of ice cubes under the liquid cream bowl.

When the cream gets thicker, add the icing sugar and keep on mixing until it gets even thicker. It’s ready when, when you stop beating and remove the beater from the bowl, the cream forms a beak at the tip of the whisk.

Place in fridge for at least 2h.

Second, the sponge cake. Here’s a quick recipe for those who are in a hurry. But you have to be organized, because all the ingredients have to be added without pausing mixing.

Pre-heat the oven at 180°C (thermostat 6).

Mix the baking powder with the 125g of flour. 

Separate the eggs yolk from the white.

With a beater, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff. When it’s very firm, add the 125g of sugar, keeping on beating.

Lower the beater speed, add the 4 eggs yolk in once and immediatly add the flour and baking powder in shower.

Stop once it’s mixed (don’t mix too long), pour the mixture in a cake pan, smooth the surface and let it bake for 20 minutes.

You should get something like that :

bdaycake 3 Wina

 Now, the berries bavarois.

Let the 6 gelatin sheets soften in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes. 

Mix the 500g of berries, the juice of the lemon and the 200g of sugar. Pour the mixture in a saucepan through a sieve to remove the seeds from it.

Heat the mixture over low heat. When it’s lukewarm, remove from heat. Drain the gelatin sheets and add it in the mixture. Mix until the gelatin sheets have melt. Let it cool down completely.

When it’s cold, add the home made whipped cream.

Assembling beginning : Cut the sponge cake in half, lengthwise and crosswise. In a removable cake pan, place the first half  at the bottom. Pour a third of the bavarois mixture over the sponge cake and smooth the surface. Place it in the freezer for about an hour. Place the rest of the bavarois mixture in the least cold place of the fridge (we need to pour it later and don’t want it to be set).

Prepare the berries jelly : Soften the 2 gelatins sheets in a bowl of water. Heat the 100g of coulis over low heat. When it’s lukewarm, remove from heat and add the gelatin sheets. Mix until it melts. Let it cold down, but not completely, the jelly musn’t be set.

Take the cake pan out of the freezer and gently pour the jelly mixture over the bavarois.

Place in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Then, pour another third of the bavarois mixture, place the other half of the sponge cake on it and pour the rest of the bavarois mixture.

You can let it set in fridge all night/day long, or 2h in freezer then 2h in fridge.

Remove the cake pan before serving, decorate the top of the cake with berries and admire your masterpiece!

bdaycake 5 Winabdaycake 6 Wina bdaycake 8 Winabdaycake 7 Winabdaycake Wina

Apple far breton




Let’s fix this. I’ve got some cake for you today.

For the story, a few months ago, boyfriend was away for work. He had harsh days over there, it was pretty stressful. He had some pounds off when he came back (and I was doing my typical dramaqueen, like UGH WHO ARE YOU). So I decided to remedy to this and made him a Breton speciality, the ‘far breton’. But not a random far breton, one with apple, his favourite fruit.

apple far breton 1 whateverwinaHere is what you need to heartened 6 brave souls (or 2 super brave and gourmand souls hah) :

  • 2-3 apples
  • 220g of flour
  • 140g of cane sugar
  • a few drops of vanilla extract  or a vanilla bean
  • 3l of milk
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of orange blossom water
  • 20g of butter

Pre-heat the oven at 180°C (thermostat 7).

Mix the sugar, flour and salt in a bowl. Add the eggs one by one and mix well. Add the milk, vanilla and melted 20g of butter and keep on mixing until the paste is smooth. Add the orange blossom water and mix again.

Butter and sweeten the baking pan. Dispose the apples cut into quarters in the baking pan. Pour in the far breton mixture and let it bake for about an hour. Serve lukewarm or cold!

apple far breton 2 whateverwina